Return to Catamount , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2882
ISBN: 978-1-335-73571-3
July 2022
Contemporary Series Romance

Catamount, Colorado – Present Day

Jessamyn Barclay has built a successful real estate company in New York City with her father while heading toward a convenient marriage with a co-worker. She has refused to visit Catamount because that is where her ex, rancher Ryder Wakefield lives. Due to the disaster of a marriage that her parents had, Jess wasn’t wanting to settle down and marry Ryder, so they broke up. But Jess is forced to return to Catamount after her beloved grandmother dies and leaves the ranch to her three granddaughters—but not to her only child, Jess’s father. Arriving in Colorado with plans to spend time with her sister, Fleur, who is already there, Jess is stymied by the fact that there are no rental cars available at the airport. But guess who is there and is more than willing to give her a lift to the ranch?

Ryder decides that Jess hasn’t really changed that much in the ten years since they split. She is still headstrong and fights at accepting help. But since she has no car and he has one and is headed her way, he can help her. She reluctantly accepts and informs him that she is almost engaged to be married to another man. But that doesn’t stop the sparks from flying hot and heavy between them. Despite Jess’s best-laid plans to avoid Ryder, they can’t help but run into each other. Soon, they are meeting alone—which leads to hot kisses…and more.

Reunited couples are always fun to read, and ONE COLORADO NIGHT is no exception. Jess and Ryder have a past, and they haven’t forgotten each other. She is only going to be in Catamount to help her sister in their fight against their father to keep him from claiming the property. It is Jess who has spent the majority of her time with their father and at this point, she figures he will only need a little friendly persuasion—and proof—to get him to withdraw the lawsuit. But Ryder knows something about their father—and his possible motives in the lawsuit—that he hasn’t told anyone about. At what point will he inform Jess? Will it change how she sees her father?

As for Jess and Ryder’s connection, it still runs deep. It’s clear that they care for each other, though her life is now in New York City and the real estate company she runs with her father. Will a fling be in order for Jess and Ryder? What if something happens and changes things between them—and ties them together forever? ONE COLORADO NIGHT is an emotional read in the Return to Catamount series that revolves around the three Barclay sisters. Lark’s up next, and we get a big clue as to who her hero will be.

Reunited and getting to know each other again in ONE COLORADO NIGHT, Jess and Ryder are ready to walk the path of love together. Will they find their pot of gold? Find out by picking up a copy.

Patti Fischer

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