Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2666
ISBN: 978-1-335-60368-5
June 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Houston, Texas – Present Day

From the moment that ranch hand Frankie Walsh met her employer, Xander Currin, she's had a secret crush on him. But he's way out of her league and there's no chance that he'd look twice at her. Frankie wants to earn enough money to go to school to become a veterinarian, and an upcoming Texas Cattleman Club gala would be the perfect place to meet potential customers, so she's looking for a way to afford the ticket. Entering a local rodeo event, she plans to compete for the prize money but is stopped from participating by Xander. He insists that she not compete and in fact, he'll give her his extra ticket to the gala if she goes as his date. Will Frankie become Cinderella for one night?

After losing his fiancée in a riding accident, Xander made a snap decision and interceded to stop Frankie from competing. She does intrigue him, but only because she has a sassy attitude and she is his employee. Besides, he needs a “safe” date to the gala to satisfy his father's attempts at matchmaking. But when Xander sees Frankie dressed in her gown, he's suddenly attracted to her and wants to bed her. Will they give in to the attraction that's been simmering all along between them?

Frankie's dreams come true when Xander finally notices her, but is it only lust on his part? Deep down, she knows that she is way beneath his social standing, but she can have fun one night, right? But one night together only causes more ripples of dissatisfaction. Is getting involved with her boss going to prove to be trouble for Frankie? Meanwhile, Xander thinks it is only sex he wants from Frankie, yet he is protective of her and wants to be around her. Will he get a chance to make love to her again, and if so, what does it mean that he continues to want her?

Xander's father, Ryder, is currently embroiled in a longtime feud with Sterling Perry, even as Ryder is romancing Sterling's daughter, Angela. The feud between Ryder and Sterling is getting messy and it's threatening to involve everyone around them. Will Xander intercede before something happens? Meanwhile, Ryder wants Xander to join the family business, while Xander prefers running his ranch.

As for Frankie, in RANCHER IN HER BED, information about her mysterious past comes to light. Frankie was adopted by her parents, who said they found her wandering one night and didn't notify the authorities. Will Frankie's real family be discovered? Frankie is hardworking and has her future mapped out, but will getting involved with Xander change things? Is there any chance of a future between this Cinderella and her Prince? Find out the answer to these intriguing questions in the sizzling hot RANCHER IN HER BED.

Patti Fischer