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Kingsland Ranch, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #26A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45788-2
December 2023

Contemporary Series Romance

Silent Spring, Montana – Present Day

After leaving Kingsland Ranch three years ago following an argument with his now-deceased father, Clay Reynolds returns—but only for a few weeks. He barely arrives when he encounters Hope Alvarez, who is a veterinarian and the woman he once had a passionate affair. She is not happy to see him, probably because he left town without allowing her to explain the letter she had written, and he’d snooped to read. But with her skills needed on the ranch, they can’t help running into each other. Yet it doesn’t stop the fact that Clay still finds Hope attractive. 

Hope is still mad that Clay “ghosted” her and refused to listen to her side about what was in the letter. She is aware that he will only be around for a few weeks, so she hopes that she can avoid him as much as possible. But fate has a funny way of forcing them together. The sparks are soon flying between them, and Clay and Hope can’t deny the inevitable. But once he leaves the ranch and returns to Alaska, will Hope’s heart be broken again?

Clay had mistaken the Dear John letter he found three years ago as being about him. In RANCHER UNDER THE MISTLETOE, Hope finally has a chance to explain it was about her ex-boyfriend from years ago and letting it go. But Clay is still leery about giving his heart to a woman, especially after the way his father treated his late mother. He has built a new life in Alaska and plans to return there after the holidays. They finally agree on a fling, but the more they are around each other, the harder it will be to leave.

Clay and Hope have found themselves shaped by what happened to them in their childhood, and as such, they find it difficult to trust love. Their story in RANCHER UNDER THE MISTLETOE is all about building trust and allowing love into their hearts. But is Clay willing to stay in Montana? Hope’s work and life are in Silent Spring, and she can’t afford to divide her time between two states. But even as they fall deeper into love, the easier it is to allow doubts to enter their relationship. They will have to work hard before they can finally find a future together. Don’t miss the emotion and drama in RANCHER UNDER THE MISTLETOE. This is the final book in the Kingsland Ranch series. 

Patti Fischer

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