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RODEO REBEL – Joanne Rock
Kingsland Ranch, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2925
ISBN: 978-1-335-58164-8
February 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Silent Spring, Montana – Present Day

At his father’s death, Gavin Kingsley learns that he and another brother have been disinherited from the will. It leaves a bad taste in Gavin’s mouth because he looks at Kingsland Ranch as being part of his heritage.  He wonders if his father’s former employee, Lauryn Hamilton knows why he was disinherited. Lauryn now runs a horse rescue ranch and is holding an event that includes a bachelor auction. Gavin decides to volunteer himself as one of the bachelors in order to get closer to Lauryn—and see if he can pry the truth out of her.

Lauryn has always been attracted to Gavin but he has played the field and hasn’t looked her way. Getting any of the Kingsley men to be part of the bachelor auction is important to her. After all, they are rich, charming, and single. But once Gavin agrees to be a bachelor, he proves hard to nail down the details. He appears to want something from her but isn’t too forthcoming. Yet, the more Gavin and Lauryn are around each other, the more that they grow closer—until they finally give in to the passion that has been simmering between them. Will they get what they want?

Gavin is the bad boy that Lauryn has always wanted to date. Her father, who happens to be the sheriff, has made Gavin’s life miserable and warned Lauryn away from him. But he is too tempting to ignore. Once he found out he was disinherited, Gavin thought about leaving the area, but he wants to find out first the real reason for being cut out of the will. He doesn’t come clean with her at first as to why he’s suddenly paying attention to her, so readers know that will soon come up between them. Meanwhile, Lauryn, already half in love with Gavin, is falling hard and may end up heartbroken if he does indeed leave town. Can they find their way to each other and a happily-ever-after? 

RODEO REBEL is the first book in the Kingsland Ranch series about the four Kingsley brothers. They aren’t necessarily close to each other, but their father’s will has left their lives in turmoil. Will the truth come out about why their father did what he did? Will the answer bring them closer by the end of the series? An intriguing and sizzling tale, be sure to not miss RODEO REBEL.

Patti Fischer

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