RULE BREAKER – Joanne Rock
Dynasties: Mesa Falls , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2715
ISBN: 978-1-335-20891-0
February 2020

Contemporary Series Romance

Mesa Falls, Montana – Present Day

Rancher Weston Rivera has been trying to avoid financial forensics expert April Stephens, but after she gets lost on a mountain trail not far from his ranch, he goes out into the snowstorm to rescue her. They end up spending the night on the mountain, which means sharing body heat to keep warm in the tent. Suddenly, Weston is finding himself attracted to April. If getting close to her means that he can not only control the investigation she's conducting, but allow him to get to know her even better, then why not? The sexual chemistry between is sizzling hot, and it doesn't take long before they're sharing a bed in his house.

April has been hired to learn more about the mysterious author who led a secret life in Mesa Falls. Weston and his best friends were particularity close to the man, who died taking secrets to his grave. Weston and his buddies no doubt know more than they're willing to share with others. Can April wheedle it out of them? What about her attraction to Weston? The sexy cowboy only shares what he wants her to know. Can she learn the truth, and then close her investigation?

Mesa Falls is home to an exclusive resort where the rich and famous go to “get away from it all.” Secrets are meant to stay there and not be exposed, but the late author, Alonzo Salazar, may have violated that trust when he penned an anonymous tell-all book about Hollywood. April was hired by the man's son to find out what happened to the author's book sales proceeds. She soon learns that some of the money went to supporting a now thirteen-year-old boy, whose mother is now dead. The aunt of the boy wonders if Alonzo was the father—or knows who it was. Will April solve that question in RULE BREAKER?

Meanwhile, Weston has a secret involving Alonzo that he's not sure he can share with April. He always thought of the man being above reproach and doesn't want to sully that memory. But he can't deny the attraction he has for April and starts pursuing her. By agreeing to help her in the investigation, is he opening himself up to confiding in her? The more Weston spends time with April, the harder it will be when it's time for her to leave. Their desire for each other is intense…and is something neither has ever experienced before.

Secrets and passion fill the pages of RULE BREAKER. Will April and Weston trust one another enough to share their secrets and desires? Don't miss a single minute of this enthralling tale.

Patti Fischer