The McNeill Magnates , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2513
ISBN: 978-0-373-83840-0
April 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Ballerina Sofia Koslov is used to dealing with dance competitions and keeping her body in tiptop shape. But upon arrival after an overseas performance with the rest of the troupe to New York on her father's plane, she's rendered speechless when a strange male greets her at the airport gate with the news that she is his mail-order bride. Sofia immediately suspects her father is behind it, though he is acting angry about the situation. The press is around, and she's being snickered at by her fellow performers, so when the stranger's brother steps in and offers to pretend they're engaged, she accepts in order to save face. Sofia has to admit that having a romantic entanglement, while phony, could help her achieve her dream of landing the lead in an upcoming ballet show. But will pretending to be engaged to billionaire Quinn McNeill end up being hazardous for her heart?

After Quinn's grandfather made an outlandish stipulation that his grandsons must be married in order to inherit his money, Quinn watched his brother stupidly take the bait and try to find a wife on the internet. That explains why Quinn is at the airport and immediately realizes Sofia did not consent to being a “mail-order bride.” He recognizes her father, a powerful Ukrainian billionaire, with whom he's in the process of negotiating a business deal. If he offends the father, then the deal is off. Quinn sees pretending to be engaged to Sofia as taking care of two things: saving the business deal and saving face for both his family and Sofia. Add in that he's attracted to her, then being engaged will give him time to get to know her.

Sofia was raised until she was thirteen by her American mother, and now her father tries to control her life even though she's an adult. Ballet is her life, and getting involved with a man isn't in her plans for now. If she fails or gets injured, then she has to keep the promise to her father that she'll join his company. She doesn't want that! Being confronted at the airport by a man with a ring and a story about her being his mail-order bride throws her for a loop, but after she convinces him it isn't true, he stomps off, leaving Sofia with the man's brother, Quinn, to try and figure out what to do next with the press hanging around. Telling the truth isn't an option. Taking up Quinn on his suggestion might be the easiest way out, but it means she'll have to appear in public with him, which may lead to a romantic entanglement she doesn't want.

Quinn hadn't planned to fulfill his beloved grandfather's decree that they get married, but once he's around Sofia and realizes that he likes her, he wonders if he should change his mind. Of course, in Quinn's mind, it'd be a business proposition, not done for love. Or, has the elusive billionaire been struck down by cupid?

The chemistry between Sofia and Quinn is apparent from the start in THE MAGNATE'S MAIL-ORDER BRIDE and readers will smile as they slowly and surely fall in love. They thought love wasn't in the stars for them, but Sofia and Quinn are soon unable to live without the other. Grab a copy of the entertaining THE MAGNATE'S MAIL-ORDER BRIDE.

Patti Fischer