Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2635
ISBN: 978-1-335-60337-1
January 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas Present Day

Lydia Walker's sister recently won a bid at the Texas Cattleman's Club bachelor auction even though she didn't have the funds. Fearful of how this could affect her plans to open a daycare in Royal, Lydia goes to the club's president, James Harris, to see if she can work out a payment arrangement. She walks out of his office as his baby nephew's nanny. James, who is the orphaned child's guardian, has had problems with nannies quitting on him due to the little one's active nature. Lydia seems to be fit for him.

Since the job is a live-in position, Lydia moves into James' home, where the sparks quickly fly between them. Mindful that getting involved with her boss could end badly, she tries to resist the attraction, but soon things heat up even more and they're making love. Yet, as much as Lydia wonders where her relationship with James will go, she fears that she'll end up with her heart broken. Then there is the little boy. James seems bent on giving up custody to the boy's maternal grandparents and this causes friction between them. Is there any chance of their finding happiness together?

Lydia was raised in a large family but her childhood wasn't the best. Her mother ran a childrearing blog even though her own unorthodox ways of raising children ended with Lydia coming to the rescue. Despite her experiences, Lydia has dedicated her career to children, including past employment as a nanny. Right now, she is in the midst of renovating her home so she can open a daycare and the money that James pays her (in addition to agreeing to write off the large debt owed by her sister) is much needed. Will her sister, who has taken off with the bachelor she won at the auction, show up to help out?

James has already had one bad marriage and doesn't plan to repeat the same mistake. In fact, he enjoys his bachelor lifestyle and the sudden death of his brother and his sister-in-law left him with an unexpected child. The grandparents don't appear interested in the little one, but James is hoping to change their minds. As he and Lydia battle his decision, their attraction turns into a full-blown affair. He wants her in his future but she wants it to include his nephew. Who will win the battle?

An engaging romance, THE RANCHER'S BARGAIN is part of the current  Texas Cattleman's Club  series but can easily be read as a standalone. At the end of this tale is a teaser that will lead into the final book in the series. Will Lydia and James find a happily-ever-after that includes his nephew? Grab a copy of THE RANCHER'S BARGAIN to find out.

Patti Fischer