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Kingsland Ranch , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #8A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45759-2
June 2023

Contemporary Series Romance

Various Locations in the United States – Present Day

A public relations crisis has unfolded for the family running the Kingsland Ranch and it’s a familiar PR expert that they turn to for help. Kendra Davies helped the family a few years ago, but the partnership ended after she had one passionate night with Levi Kingsley. His brothers don’t know about what happened between him and Kendra, but it’s Levi that the brothers have designated as the one going on a national PR trip with her to help save the family’s reputation. Kendra isn’t sure she wants to be alone with Levi again, especially if there’s a repeat of their night together. She regrets that it happened, but their attraction continues to sizzle even as they fight it. 

The past few months have been tough for Levi and his brothers. Their father died and now they’re getting bad publicity that is hurting the family brand. He thinks he can avoid any romantic entanglement with Kendra even though his body has other ideas. It’s impossible to avoid each other as they travel around the country expounding on the virtues of Kingsland Ranch. Kendra wants to forget what happened in the past, while Levi begins to wonder if he wants a repeat. What if they give in to their attraction and it distracts them from the work they’re doing? 

It's a lover’s reunited tale in THE RANCHER’S PLUS-ONE. Levi is the one who has been working the family ranch and when ugly lies are spread on social media about the company, it’s Levi who is recruited to help silence the rumors. Of course, Kendra is a PR person with top-notch credentials, but all that could fly out the door if she sleeps with Levi—again. Back then, Kendra thought Levi had betrayed her, which is why she ran out on him. Can he right the wrong, and get her back into his bed? But both must remain focused on the job they’re doing for Kingsland Ranch. They fail, and Kingsland Ranch suffers.

As Levi and Kendra attend each function to promote Kingsland Ranch, she stands by his side as his “date.” Of course, the longer they are around each other, the more their attraction builds. Soon, they are hitting the sheets, their passion insatiable. Can they find a way to build a future? Or will it all end once they are back in Colorado? Meanwhile, Kendra is dealing with the issue of her father, the man behind the reason why she distrusts Levi. Will the truth finally come out, and with it, will Kendra see Levi in a different light? It’s clear to readers that our couple is perfect for each other.

The road to love is bumpy for Kendra and Levi in THE RANCHER’S PLUS-ONE, but in the end, the result will be a happy one for all. Don’t miss this entertaining and sexy tale. 

Patti Fischer

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