THE REBEL – Joanne Rock
Dynasties: Mesa Falls , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2697
ISBN: 978-1-335-60399-9
November 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Mesa Falls, Montana – Present Day

Marcus Salazar has arrived in Mesa Falls to not only meet with some men about his late father's will, but to also buy out his half-brother, Devon, to gain control of the family business. But Devon has been delayed, and the chief operating officer of the company, Lily Carrington, is already there. For several years, Marcus has been attracted to Lily but has not attempted to act upon that attraction. For one thing, she is deeply loyal to Devon, and the other reason is that she is currently engaged to another man. Yet, as they plan to wait for Devon's arrival, the desire that's built between them for years bursts into flames. Will they finally give in to the passion?

Lily is marrying a man she doesn't love only to satisfy her family's desire for a merger of their companies. She has felt the attraction for Marcus for years, but he's never looked her way—until now. Lily is loyal and passionate about forging a career independent of her family, but will she end up losing her job if she has a fling with Marcus? And why are the brothers fighting? All of these questions will soon be answered in THE REBEL.

There's a bit of intrigue in Mesa Falls that will bring together the Salazar brothers after years of a strained relationship. Their only link to each other is a father who kept secrets from them and it appears all roads to discovering the answers lead here. Marcus and Devon have been summoned to meet with an attorney over something in their father's will. Neither knows what it is, and yet, it's not bringing them together in a united front. Marcus hates having to cool his heels while he waits for Devon, but being around Lily reminds him of how much he has wanted her. Their interactions soon lead to a few hot kisses…and more. Getting involved might not be the right answer, but they can't resist each other. Will Lily decide to end her engagement and hop into bed with Marcus? Can they finally admit that their mutual attraction is more than a fleeting thing?

THE REBEL is the first book in a series by Joanne Rock that revolves around the people who are connected to Mesa Falls, a mountainous resort area in Montana. We get only minor glimpses of other characters, as THE REBEL is solely about Marcus and Lily. Can Marcus heal his relationship with Devon? Heck, will Devon even show up before the will's codicil is read? To find out that answer and whether Marcus and Lily find their way to a happily-ever-after, be sure to pick up a copy of THE REBEL.

Patti Fischer