THE RIVAL – Joanne Rock
Dynasties: Mesa Falls , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2703
ISBN: 978-1-335-60405-7
December 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Mesa Falls, Montana – Present Day

Media mogul Devon Salazar is in Mesa Falls to host the launch party of the rebranding of a resort the company owns into a private corporate retreat. He is also there to investigate the secret past of his late father, who turned out to be the anonymous author behind a book that wasn't really fiction. Namely, the book ended up exposing some sordid Hollywood scandals that destroyed lives. While Devon continues to wait around, he decides to ride a horse out of the resort's stable—and meets the new tour guide, Regina Flores. To say he's intrigued by the mysterious beauty is an understatement.

Regina took the job at Mesa Falls Ranch in order to learn more about the man behind the tell-all book that destroyed her life. She once had been the only child of one of Hollywood's most influential power brokers, but after it was revealed that she was another man's child, she was booted out of her cushy lifestyle. Her investigation into the author's background has led her to Montana, where she plans to snoop—and then expose—the truth. But after meeting Devon, she finds herself mesmerized by him, and falling for him. Will it make her change her plans to expose his father's secret identity? How will Devon react when he learns why Regina is really there?

Both Devon and Regina came to Mesa Falls with a plan to learn the truth about Alonzo Salazar, but what will happen between them when the truth could impact any possible future together? Regina has revenge on her mind and wants to expose Alonzo's secret past as a bestselling author. She is still reeling from not only the rejection of her supposed father, but her real one. Her mother, a famous actress, also suffered, yet has managed to move on with her career. Regina has to deal with what happened before she can move on with her life.

Devon grew up mostly without his father, who was distant and unattainable. Right now, Devon is even estranged from his half-brother, Marcus, despite the fact that they share a media company. Marcus should also be here in Mesa Falls but he has decided to take off on a world tour with his now fiancée, Lily. You can find Marcus and Lily's story in THE REBEL, out now. THE RIVAL is the second book in the Dynasties: Mesa Falls series that revolves around Mesa Falls and the secret past of the late Alonzo Salazar.

Devon and Regina are carrying secrets that may destroy their relationship and they must deal with the past before they can take the next step. Their sizzling attraction is off the charts and they're growing more attached to each other daily. How will the bombshell announcement about Alonzo Salazar affect them when the world learns about it? Find out in the intriguing and sensuous THE RIVAL.

Patti Fischer