The McNeill Magnates , Book 8
Harlequin Desire #2608
ISBN: 978-1-335-97168-5
August 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Present Day

Stuntwoman Emma Layton is happy to be in Wyoming, far away from her abusive ex who is about to be released from prison. The movie she's working on is filming on Carson McNeill's family's ranch and the guy is keeping an eye on the production. Or is he keeping an eye on Emma? Sparks fly between the two and they're soon cozying up. But Emma isn't looking for a relationship due to the emotional pain of being abused in the past.

Carson isn't happy that his family agreed to the movie being filmed on their ranch, which is why he's making sure they don't damage anything on their property. However, once he spots Emma, he's intrigued by her. When he learns about her abusive ex, he asks her—no, he tells her—that she has to move into his house for her protection. Of course, she reluctantly agrees, where the desire for each other soon turns into fiery passion.

WILD WYOMING NIGHTS is part of  The McNeill Magnates  series by Joanne Rock but can easily be read as a standalone, though there is an ongoing plotline involving Carson's family and blackmail. A minor secondary plot involves his half-sister Scarlett and one of the actors in the movie. I suspect somewhere down the line they will have their own book.

Meanwhile, it doesn't take long for Carson to spot Emma riding on a horse as part of her job as a stuntwoman. He senses that she has both vulnerability and strength, which he soon learns he is right about. As an abuse survivor, Emma has gone through a lot and she's not fully healed emotionally. Learning that her ex is about to be released and that he's threatened to come after her, it's no wonder she's scared and hiding out. Carson is that big, strong and protective hero that readers will love. But underneath his protectiveness is a man attracted to Emma, and he wants her in his bed. She resists, but it's inevitable that her resistance is futile. Their passion is explosive, yet neither feels that they can give the other the one thing that will seal their future together: commitment.

Just as Emma and Carson start to see something more between themselves, a connection between them from the past might solve the mysterious blackmail. Will it bring them closer…or rip them apart? Find out in the intriguing and passionate WILD WYOMING NIGHTS.

Patti Fischer