Keeping Up With The Cavendishes , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-238678-6
January 2017
Historical Romance

England – 1824

The Cavendish siblings have descended upon London Society, much to the family's confusion. James is the new Duke of Durham, and he has brought his three sisters with him from Maryland to England to claim his inheritance. It has fallen on the Dowager Duchess of Durham to mold them all into something acceptable to the ton . Only one sister is actively paying attention. Middle sister Bridget is trying to fit in, youngest sister Amelia is rebelling every chance she gets, and Claire just can't be bothered. She is a mathematician, could care less for fashion, and is fine with wearing her hair pulled back in a severe style. When she is targeted by the recently jilted Lord Fox, she makes it clear to him that she's not interested, and, in fact, is most interested in meeting the Duke of Ashbrooke, famous for his mathematical studies.

Lord Fox has made a ridiculous bet with his friend Mowbray. If he can turn Lady Claire into a fashionable member of Society, he will win Mowbray's prized race horse. However, if he cannot achieve this, he will lose his beloved dog. Spurned at first by the lady in question, Fox is determined to overcome her reluctance to expand her horizons. He actually attends a lecture by Lord Ashbrooke with Claire, and is stunned to discover just how brilliant she is. Fox is not known for his brains, but he does know women, and he is going to figure Claire out.

Claire, in the meantime, has not entirely ruled Fox out. He is, after all, quite handsome, in a rugged sort of way. And he has been ushering her to some interesting places. She wonders what it would be like to kiss him. Will he be a willing experiment to test her sensuality? As for Fox, he would like to show the ton that he still “has it”, despite being jilted by one woman.

Book three about the Cavendish family is a delightful romp with two very opposite characters. Brilliant, intuitive Claire has a hidden sexuality that has only emerged since meeting Fox. Lord Fox takes a while to realize that even though he isn't known for his intelligence, he does admire Claire's intellect, and she's rather sexy to boot. But the bet is still on, and he will not lose, no matter what it takes.

LADY CLAIRE IS ALL THAT was a fun read. Readers don't have to read the previous books in the series, but do go back and check them out, they are all entertaining. The next book is about James, the new duke (IT'S HARD OUT HERE FOR A DUKE).

Jani Brooks