A Montana Men Novel , Book 6
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-243540-8
March 2017
Contemporary Romance

In and near Crystal Creek, Montana

Eleven years ago:
The young couple in love plan one day to be together, but Jamie Keller needs to get away now from her jealous and belittling mother. In fact, that unloving woman just kicked her daughter out of the house. Ford Kendrick loves Jamie and would give most anything to run away with her as she wants, but he can't. He and his two brothers are needed by their Grandfather Sammy. Both Sammy and the family ranch are ailing. Ford can't leave them now, so he sends Jamie away. Heart broken, she flees across the country to relatives in Georgia. From there, she joins the military.

Eleven years later . . .
After four tours in Afghanistan, Jaimie is home in Montana. Scarred in mind and body, her family moved her into her grandmother's old house so they wouldn't have to put up with her nightmares and erratic behavior. Ford knows he hurt her badly when he sent her away, but now that she's back, he hopes she will forgive him. She scorns him at first, but when he finds out how deeply she has been hurt, he swears to help her heal. It will be a big job. Jaimie's convoy was attacked leaving all but two dead. She has only spotty memories and a load of survivor's guilt that haunt her dreams.

Granddad Sammy still lives; the family ranch is still in the family, and Ford's brothers, Rory (STONE COLD COWBOY) and Colt (HER RENEGADE RANCHER), are happily married. Ford is living on a ranch he hopes, with a lot of work, to make his own.

Ms. Ryann speaks knowingly and sympathetically on the subject of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) adding a depth to the lovers' struggles. There will also be trouble from another direction.

While this is the last in this Montana Men series, thankfully, it's not the end of the stories set in Montana. HIS COWBOY HEART has a peek at this fall's ESCAPE TO HOPE RANCH in the back of the book. It's the first full length novel in Ms. Ryan's new series, Montana Heat . And check out a prequel novella, HER DANGEROUS PROTECTOR in late June. They are bound to be as captivating as the Mountain Men series!

Jane Bowers