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THE ONE YOU WANT – Jennifer Ryan
ISBN: 978-0-063-09411-6
July 5, 2022
Contemporary Romance

Carmel, California – Present Day

Rose is returning to her hometown of Carmel after being gone for several years. She is there to be the maid of honor for her best friend, Maggie, and will be in town for a week for the wedding preparations. Rose hasn’t yet met the groom, so imagine her surprise to discover that the groom is Marc, the man with whom Rose had a one-night stand a year ago. He pretends to not recognize her, and while Rose is recovering from her shock at seeing him, she is introduced to the best man, Gray, who is Marc’s cousin. The sparks fly between Gray and Rose, which normally would be a good thing, but how can she concentrate on Gray when she knows she needs to tell Maggie that she once bedded Marc—and that he is a known cheater? Plus, how will Gray feel knowing about her and Marc?

THE ONE YOU WANT is an emotional tale from the talented Jennifer Ryan. Rose grew up with an abusive father and left as soon as she turned eighteen. She has a successful career in business and has avoided returning home—until now. Maggie and Rose were the best of friends growing up and kept in touch as adults. Rose is happy for Maggie and honored to be her maid of honor. However, Rose’s joy turns to horror when she realizes Marc is the groom. It was only a one-night stand, but it is forever branded in her mind as she discovered the following morning that he was using her to cheat on his then girlfriend, Andrea. Rose grapples with how to tell Maggie. She doesn’t want to break them up, just to clear the air. How will Rose navigate this sticky situation?

Maggie suspects something is off between Rose and Marc, yet she can’t quite put her finger on it. She believes Marc is “the one” after her last big romance broke up because he wouldn’t commit to having children with her. Marc wants the same thing she does, a family. Meanwhile, Maggie is overjoyed to watch Rose and Gray fall in love. They are perfect for each other and can barely keep their hands off each other. Marc, however, is not too happy about the romance. He keeps putting down Gray or Rose in front of each other. What’s going on? Then, there are the sightings of Maggie’s ex-boyfriend in town. Why is he there?

Readers will fall in love with Rose and Maggie, wishing them the best. Rose’s father is now deceased but his effect on her family still exists. Her sister, Poppy, is angry and keeps to herself. Can Rose rebuild their relationship? Their mother appears to be doing better, though she has regrets that she didn’t stop the abuse. Will these three find their way back to being a family again? Maggie is full speed ahead on her wedding, though things are about to change if she learns that Marc is a cad.

Grab a hanky as you smile, laugh, and cry while reading the emotional journey of Rose and Maggie in THE ONE YOU WANT. You won’t want to miss this.

Patti Fischer

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