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WILDE LOVE – Jennifer Ryan
A Dark Horse Dive Bar, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0063319714
September 26, 2023

Romantic Suspense

Lyric Wilde helps run her family’s bar and in her spare time, she writes and sings songs. She has a YouTube channel with lots of followers and occasionally she goes to Nashville to demonstrate her songs. One day while working in the bar, someone comes up behind her and covers her eyes. Lyric was hoping it would be the hot biker dude she knows as Viper but instead, it’s a man named Rick who is obsessed with her music. Now he is obsessed with her. Rick arrives in town uninvited and wants Lyric to co-write a song with him—and wants much more from her. Lyric isn’t interested in the “more” with him as her heart lies with Viper, a man who lives a dangerous life and appears out of reach. Even with her family’s protection Lyric feels the need to reach out to Viper to tell him about Rick. 

Viper gets the text from Lyric and senses there is something she is not saying. He has been off getting healthy after a gig turned into bruises for him. What Lyric doesn’t know is that Viper (aka Mason Gunn) is an undercover FBI agent who has embedded himself into a motorcycle club in order to find out who is responsible for some recent “murders for hire.” Viper has tried to avoid Lyric for the past several weeks because he doesn’t want to endanger her, but when she needs help, he is on his way. Of course, he needs to be careful, but there is no way he wouldn’t be there for the woman he’s falling in love with.

There are two plots going on in WILDE LOVE, the first tale in the Dark Horse Diva Bar series. There is Lyric’s obsessed fan, Rick, who gives off creepy vibes. He is pushy and insists that she wants him there and that she should drop everything and work with him. The more she tries to shut him down, the harder Rick pushes. Her family is aware of the issue and because Rick has no criminal record and hasn’t done anything to Lyric, there is nothing she can do. But of course, it is Viper she turns to for help. He has come into the bar numerous times in the past several months and she has become attracted to him. She isn’t sure exactly what he does, but his mysterious vibes only turn her on more. 

The second plot in WILDE LOVE is Viper’s investigation. He is deep into his undercover assignment at the motorcycle club and another deadly deal is about to come down. But he learns that the person he thought was responsible for the murders for hire isn’t the leader of the motorcycle club. It’s the man’s sister, Maria, who is also trying to hook up with Viper. But he only has eyes for Lyric. As he juggles back and forth between his assignment and protecting Lyric, will his cover be blown? After reconnecting with Lyric, they voice their mutual attraction, but it has to be kept secret due to Viper’s undercover work. He doesn’t yet tell her what he is really doing but she accepts that he is a good guy. Will her trust in him be rewarded? Can Rick be dissuaded from his pursuit of Lyric, or will hell all break loose, and she will have to be rescued by Viper? Can he close out his undercover assignment and finally claim his lady?

An entertaining romantic suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, WILDE LOVE is a tale that I highly recommend. 

Patti Fischer

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