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Dynasties: Willowvale, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #27A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45789-9
December 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Willowvale Springs, Wyoming – Present Day

Rock star drummer Vaughn Reed is trying to get his old group back together—without its lead singer—but is having problems with getting funding. In the meantime, he plays in backup groups and has just returned from a tour overseas. His assistant informs Vaughn that a manila envelope has arrived for him and to be sure to read it. He does and learns that he has inherited a run-down ranch resort in his old hometown of Willowvale Springs. Vaughn wonders if he can upgrade it and then rent out the rooms to earn the money he needs. He contacts an old friend who is a contractor to start the job. Arriving in Wyoming, he is stunned to learn that his friend, Rey Price, assigned the job to his little sister, Allie Price. And boy, has Allie sure gotten all grown up.

Allie is used to people downplaying her abilities as a contractor. Yes, she is a much-in-demand interior designer, but she also has a contractor’s license. She wants to prove to her brother and Vaughn that she can do a good job on the project. Vaughn is doubtful at first, but he soon sees how her vision for the place nearly matches his. They are working closely together, so it’s not a surprise when they start feeling an attraction. But Vaughn is only here temporarily. Will Allie accept a temporary fling between them?

Allie had a huge crush on Vaughn while growing up. But two things told her that he would never look at her: he’s ten years older than her and he is her brother’s best friend. Vaughn is now thirty-nine years old and has accomplished a lot. After leaving their little town behind, he was one of the founding members of a popular rock group, but it broke up after Vaughn divorced the lead singer’s sister. Vaughn has vowed that he will never get involved with a friend’s sister again. Then he meets Allie. She is sexy and beautiful, and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with him. The more he is around her, the greater the urge to kiss her…and more. 

Maybe Allie doesn’t do it intentionally, but she soon has Vaughn’s attention in BREAKING THE BAD BOY’S RULES. He tries to resist but she is too irresistible. She makes it clear that they must keep their affair secret and she is aware that there are no promises of love involved. Yet, they soon like what is happening between them. Is there a chance they can continue things? However, Vaughn still wants to revive his music career, while Allie’s life is in Willowvale Springs. Can they make it work? Find out the answer by picking up a copy of BREAKING THE BAD BOY’S RULES. Readers will love the chemistry between Vaughn and Allie. 

Patti Fischer

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