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Dynasties: Willowvale , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #23A
ISBN: 978-1-373-335-45785-1
November 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Willowvale Springs, Wyoming – Present Day

An unexpected inheritance has tech wiz Kahlil Anderson returning to his hometown of Willowvale Springs. While everyone in town knew Hank Carson because he practically owned everything, Kahlil was still stunned to learn that he had been left Carson’s horse ranch. With the recent disappearance of his partner along with millions out of one of the company’s bank accounts, Kahlil hopes he can sell the ranch for a good price. Even though his parents and sisters still live in town, there is no love lost between his father and Kahlil. 

Kahlil’s arrival stuns Dray Walker. She had worked for years on the horse ranch as its manager and had hopes of perhaps getting a chance to buy it at a reasonable price. However, Kahlil makes it clear at first that he intends to sell, and he won’t give her a discount. There is some history between himself and Dray as they were once attracted to each other, but it ended after he left town. After listening to Dray’s reasons for keeping the ranch going, he makes the decision to get it in shape. His change of heart might have something to do with his growing attraction to Dray. While Kahlil plans to return to Seattle and his life there, will his time spent around Dray cause him to change his mind?

Kahlil and Dray are at odds with each other at first in WORKING WITH HER CRUSH, the first tale in the Dynasties: Willowvale series. Both grew up in the small town and still have family there. After the death of his younger brother, Kahlil left town as he blamed himself for what happened. But he has done well for himself as he founded a tech company. They are about to come out with a new app but with the money being stolen by his partner, Kahlil is short on cash to continue the project. Selling the ranch would be a good plan but being around Dray convinces him to work on making it better and then see if it will be profitable. 

Dray has to hide her feelings for Kahlil at first because she knows he is a heartbreaker, and he will only be here for a short time. She pleads with him to not sell the ranch, especially to someone who turns it into a housing subdivision. While things are shaky between them at first, they soon are not only friends but develop a romantic relationship. Dray knows it will be a fling, but can they remain friends afterward? Things seem to be going swimmingly between them, including a trip to a ball in Seattle, but will something happen in WORKING WITH HER CRUSH that rips them apart?

Can Dray and Kahlil both get what they want? She wants to continue working at the horse ranch, while he wants to deliver a successful product to his investor. Can they find a future together? Don’t miss the sizzling answers to these questions in WORKING WITH HER CRUSH.

Patti Fischer

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