IN DEEP – Blue Saffire
The Blackhart Brothers – Book 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 10: 1492695114
ISBN: 13: 978-1492695110
August 4, 2020
Romantic Suspense

Danita Moralez is sitting in a bar sharing drinks with other officers in her police department. She knows some are good cops, but some are not. That's why she had been placed undercover in this police precinct—to discover the bad cops. Her real name is Demaris Mercado. A man walks in who the other cops greet. Kevin Blackhart had been one of their fellow officers but is now a PI with his older brother Quinn. While Danita never has any relationship with her fellow officers, this man attracts her like no one ever has. They even share a dance where he proves he is as good as she is and later proves his prowess with her in bed. After Kevin leaves, Eric, her FBI handler, shows up to inform her there is so much more going on and that someone in the Bureau might even be involved. This makes her believe she must end it with Kevin to do her job. A duty incident with his nephew forces her to meet him two years later, and she finds him even hotter.

Kevin and his older brother Quinn (book 1 of the series reveals his story) left their police positions because they knew something unlawful was going on and got out before it dragged them under. The operation is far bigger than they imagined. It is two years since Danita rebuffed him when his sister is attacked and he is called to the police department.

Danita's and Kevin's investigative problems, worries, and attraction are told from their alternating first-person viewpoints. They have very few people they can trust. They need to discover the conspirator and their goal. In between the action, the story creates both a steamy romance and a dangerous tension that will keep readers intrigued.

Robin Lee