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DON’T BACK DOWN - Sharon Sala
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-7282-5854-6
March 7, 2023
Romantic Suspense

Jubilee, Kentucky – Present Day

Army veteran Cameron Pope returns to his family home along with the dog, Ghost, who was by his side in the military. Both are mentally exhausted, but Cam has barely settled into Jubilee when an escaped con snatches his little niece. It is Cam and Ghost who find them and rescues his niece. Soon, the feds are in town because it appears there is a human trafficking operation being run in the area. The FBI will need someone to go undercover, and the perfect person to do so is Rusty Caldwell, an experienced agent who just got off a tough case and is recuperating.  Rusty has some relatives in Jubilee, which provides a good cover for her to visit them. 

Rusty is studying the case before she leaves and discovers that the man who rescued the little girl is none other than her one-night stand from five years ago. Both were passing through on their way to their assignments and were immediately attracted to each other. Rusty arrives in town and makes contact with Cam. They agree to meet. Imagine his surprise when he discovers the agent is his one-night stand. Of course, Cam wants to pick up where they left off. Meanwhile, the duo immediately digs into the investigation. Is a local group of criminals kidnapping and selling women and children into sex trafficking? As each clue is investigated, the perps drop one by one, but the only way to stop it is to go all the way to the top.

In DON’T BACK DOWN, Cam and Rusty work as partners to take down a sex trafficking ring. Their past together helps, but it is pushed to the background as they uncover clues and witnesses are killed. Jubilee is a small town divided between the newcomers in town and the old-timers who live on the mountain. Cam is part of the latter group and, unknown to the newcomers, is part of the family organization that owns the town. The newcomers, such as Rusty’s family, look down on the old-timers. If only they knew the truth! In DON’T BACK DOWN, it doesn’t take long before Rusty zeros in on her first suspect as he is taking photos of people, particularly women. Is he part of the group, and can he lead them to the rest of the criminals?

There is plenty of drama and suspense in DON’T BACK DOWN, enough to keep you glued to the pages. Meanwhile, Cam and Rusty become reacquainted in the bedroom. They are a perfect match, but once the investigation is over, will she leave? Cam wants her to stay, but can he convince her? Their chemistry sizzles in this tale and combined with the taut suspense, readers will want to find out what happens. Along the way, there will be plenty of clues, but sometimes, it all circles around as the ending is right there. Don’t miss DON’T BACK DOWN.

Patti Fischer

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