Blessings, Georgia, Book 10
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1-4926-97459
August 25, 2020
Contemporary Romance

Blessings, Georgia – Present Day

After escaping an abusive marriage, Cathy Terry is tired of running and decides to settle down for a few months in Blessings, Georgia. Her ex is a wealthy casino owner and, as part of their divorce, she got a large settlement. Unfortunately, her ex has been stalking her, so she went “off the grid” and hiked across the country until she ended up in Blessings and decided to stay on a whim. Cathy is out running one day when she turns her ankle and falls to the ground. Local farmer Duke Talbot nearly hits Cathy with his truck and helps get her to the hospital. He is one of those guys who is as nice as they come and doesn't want to leave her side even though they hadn't yet met. Duke makes sure that Cathy gets home—and their friendship is now formed.

Duke is attracted to Cathy and makes excuses whenever possible to be around her. She is clearly independent, but with no car and being hobbled due to her sprained ankle, he becomes a very handy man to have around. After being burned by one relationship, Cathy doesn't plan to fall for another man, but Duke is different. He is like a gentle giant who treats her not only as his queen, but also as his equal. In ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, their romance builds slowly, but is there a chance it can be the forever kind? Meanwhile, Cathy's ex is searching for her. If he finds her, will he make trouble for her—and the people in Blessings?

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON is a feelgood romance that readers surely need during times of stress. Blessings is inhabited by people who care for each other and have no problems welcoming newbies into town. At first, Cathy keeps herself aloof from the townspeople, but after her accident and the overwhelming kindness given to her by people she once thought of as strangers, she begins to become part of the community. Along the way, Cathy uses the money from her divorce settlement to better the lives of people around her. She also grows closer to Duke. Will they find love?

Duke is used to being the third wheel in the house he shares with his brother and sister-in-law. With the entrance of Cathy into his life, he begins to find himself spending more time with her. Duke marvels at the strength and perseverance of Cathy and it makes him fall in love with her. However, her ex hasn't forgotten his plan for revenge on Cathy. Will Duke be able to protect her, or is she strong enough to fight her own battles?

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON is the tenth tale in the Blessings, Georgia series by Sharon Sala. I will admit I haven't read the prior nine books, but I had no trouble following along as multiple characters are incorporated into this story. Most everyone is nice, and like I said earlier, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON is a sweet romance that will leave you feeling happy. Be sure to grab a copy and snuggle up with a pillow to enjoy this tale.

Patti Fischer