ABOUT A VAMPIRE – Lynsay Sands
Series , Book 22
ISBN: 9780-06-231602-8
October 2015
Paranormal Romance

California – Present Day

Justin Bricker has watched so many of his family and friends find their life mates, even helped a few come together. So when he finds his own mate, he jumps the gun and turns her into an immortal, without even talking to her first. Bricker's situation goes from great to terrible the second she wakes up and he finds out the shocking truth – she's already married, and the immortal laws state he is not allowed to interfere in any mortal marriage.

Holly's life isn't the most exciting, and her marriage not the most passionate – but it's a good life, and a good marriage, and she will do whatever it takes to make everything work. Even though she is undeniably attracted to Justin, she refuses to see him as any more than a friend. But when Holly gets done with her immortal training and goes back to her old life, will a dead-end life still be enough for her?

ABOUT A VAMPIRE features the story fans have been desperate for…Bricker finally gets his chance at happiness. But as with everything else in his life, it can't be easy, especially not with his friends and family throwing curve balls at him, and his own ego getting in the way. With a bit of a different tone from the rest of the series, considering the heroine is already in a committed relationship, author Lynsay Sands shows how she can work with and around a tough situation.

All the buildup and relationship pitfalls will leave the fans desperate for a happily ever after, but be warned, the ending can feel abrupt and almost too fast, especially considering how long it took Holly and Justin to find each other. But it's obvious from the beginning how well these two work as a couple, and seeing them come together is worth it, no matter how quickly everything wraps up.

This book can be read as a stand-alone, but new readers may be confused by all the name dropping and relevancy of past characters. ABOUT A VAMPIRE follows THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME (Feb 2015), and the next book, RUNAWAY VAMPIRE, releases February 2016.

Amanda Toth