HUNGRY FOR YOU - Lynsay Sands
Argeneau Series , Book 14
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-189457-2
December 2010
Paranormal Romance

Toronto , Canada - Present Day

Family and friends can be such a blessing. For instance, when they point Cale Valens, one of the oldest vampires (though they prefer the term “immortals”) in the large Argeneau clan, in the direction of Alexandra, the life mate he's been waiting on for over 2000 years, he's immensely grateful. But the next part of their “help”—the part where they promise Alex, the desperate chef and restaurant owner that Cale is the perfect person to take over as head chef while she tries to overcome all of the problems plaguing her soon to open second location—that part Cale could do without. Granted, getting Alex to take any kind of look at Cale while she's in such dire straits is unlikely without such desperate measures, but, given that he can't stand the sight or smell of food, let alone cook, it's bound to cause complications.

Can Cale, a former warrior and currently an extremely successful businessman, convince Alex that he's the answer to all of her needs? Or will the determined chef overlook the one man who could be the answer to all of her innermost dreams, even the ones she can't admit to herself?

If Cale said to Alex “I'm HUNGRY FOR YOU” it would be a huge understatement. He's almost given up hope of ever finding his mate when Marguerite (the matchmaker of the Argeneau clan and his aunt) insists he meet Alex. He wants her on every possible level, but for a man who's avoided human contact as much as possible for longer than she's even been alive, wooing her could be difficult. Modern human women are nothing like those he remembers. Thank goodness he's intelligent, sexy and determined as all get out to claim the woman he loves or he'd have no chance. Alex is a sweetie. Don't get me wrong, she's fierce as well, but the poor thing has had the patience to withstand her sister Sam's frequent attempts to set her up with someone, attempts that have all failed, and has managed to maintain her sanity while every possible thing goes wrong in her business life. Any woman that strong deserves all of the love she can get. Once they get together it seems certain that this pair faces a delicious, spice filled future, and not just because of Alex's wonderful cooking. ;-)

Although this is the fourteenth installment in the Argeneau series, readers who are new to it need not fear, each book has been written with care and can be read as a standalone. Of course, once you try an Argeneau novel, you'll want to read them all, so check out for a complete listing and more info about many of the secondary characters in this book, some of whom I'll mention here. Alex's sister, Sam Willan, has only recently been found by her mate, Garrett Mortimer, and is desperate to see her sister mated to an immortal as well. By the way, Garrett is amazing, but boy could he use some smooth talking skills. Justin “Bricker” is Garrett's second-in-command and Cale is convinced he's a punk, but, he does come to like the much younger man. Cale's Uncle Lucian is around, as is his new (pregnant) mate, Leigh, who's getting ready to turn (become an immortal). Also present and accounted for are many others in the Argeneau clan. On the human side of things there are: Alex's friend, Gina; her sous-chef, Bev; her newly promoted and rather arrogant head chef, Peter, and her biggest competition, Jacques Tournier. It seems unlikely that Alex's recent run of bad luck is just that; could one of these people be responsible, or is there someone else hiding in the darkness?

You can't help but love these characters (bless him, Cale wonders just how long it'll take to claim Alex—a day, maybe a week, a couple of months at the most?) and the chemistry they have together is scorching. Humor, romance, a bit of mystery, and even some danger combine to make this a book that readers are sure to savor. Don't miss HUNGRY FOR YOU.

Lori Ann