IMMORTAL   ANGEL  – Lynsay Sands
An Argeneau Novel – Book 31
ISBN-10: 0062956302
ISBN-13: 978-0062956309
September 22, 2020
Fantasy Romance

Toronto, Canada – The Present

Ildaira Garcia (actually Angelina Ildaria Sophia Lupita Garcia Pimienta) was turned into an  Immortal  when she was fourteen -- two-hundred years ago. She always feels hunted by the  Immortal  Juan Villaverde, who accidentally changed her and has continued to hunt her, so she is very distrustful of everyone. Villaverde is head of the South American  Immortal  Council and very powerful. He held power where she lived in the Dominican Republic, and Ildaria has a very strong reason to believe he means to harm her. Since escaping the Dominican Republic, she has continued to remain on the run. Now that she is living and going to college in Canada, Ildaria is under the rule of Lucian Argeneau, head of the North American  Immortal  Council. Lucian has punished her for her rogue vigilantism. Whenever Ildaria sees people in threatening situations, she cannot help but try to save them. When any such attempt is caught on digital media, it means trouble for all  Immortals  as they are unbelievably fast and strong, far more than mortals. Lucian made her move from Montana to Toronto for such a vigilante action, and now he moves her from night college classes to day classes as there are fewer ‘situations' during the day. This means she must start her classes over yet again, so she needs to find a job to pay for them. More trouble arrives when she learns Villaverde still hunts her. Should she leave to escape yet again?

Immortals  are vampires, but they now use blood banks for their blood source. Ildaria goes to a nightclub frequented by  Immortals  to get a blood packet for Marguerite, the woman at whose home she is currently living. The nightclub owner GG, a mortal, has the blood. This is Ildaria's first meeting with GG, a nickname for Green Giant, but around Ildaria it could stand for Gentle Giant. At six feet, six inches tall, very muscular with tattoos and piercings, GG has an intimidating look. He also sports a bright green Mohawk haircut. His tiny dog H.D., a Bishon Frise and toy Poodle mix, dislikes people, but he loves Ildaria. Impressed, GG offers her a job as his bookkeeper and as H.D.'s caregiver while GG is working. He also gives her a very nice apartment above the nightclub. The immediate attraction between them grows with a lot of help from H.D and a few other meddling characters. The main problem is GG (real name Joshua James Simpson Guiscard) saw his mother change to  Immortal  when she became his  Immortal  stepfather's Life Mate. GG was very young, and now is determined to never become an  Immortal .

While this is the 31 st  book in this series and I have not read any of the others, it was still easy to get into and follow the storyline. Obviously, many characters from previous stories show up, but they are all subtly introduced, so it only adds interest to the story.  IMMORTAL   ANGEL  is a charming and humorous vampire filled story with hot romance.

Robin Lee