Argeneau , Book 26
ISBN: 9780062468956
October 2017
Paranormal Romance

Canada - Present Day

The North American Rogue Hunters are stretched thin since so many are out of the country, so Beth has been working her tail off, trying to pick up the slack. Calling in to HQ to report a situation as worse than expected, she's told backup is on the way—but she didn't expect it to be Scotty. Beth has been a hunter for years now; she doesn't need the older immortal questioning her methods or saying she's not good enough.

It's not that Scotty doesn't think Beth can handle herself—but since she's his lifemate, he can't bear the thought of her getting hurt. He also hasn't gotten around to informing her of their connection—even after knowing her for over 100 years. He met her when she was newly turned, and he wanted to give her the space to grow and become her own person. But that doesn't mean he didn't keep an eye on her. He's been trying to steer her towards safety for most of her life. But now someone is after Beth for real, and Scotty, after being apart from her for the majority of 100 years, plans to never leave her side again.

IMMORTALLY YOURS is another great Argeneau novel. Long-time readers of the series can see how this series has evolved over time, from insular plots to multi-book story arcs, and this book is a perfect example that Lynsay Sands's plots just get better and better as she goes. Scotty and Beth both have their preconceived notions of each other, and it was truly a joy to read the story of them coming together.

This book works better as a stand-alone than some of the previous novels, but there are so many recurring characters that I would suggest being at least familiar with some of the more recent Argeneau releases. Keep an eye out for the next book, TWICE BITTEN, coming April 2018.

Amanda Toth