The Texas Tremaines , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2792
ISBN: 978-1-335-23277-9
March 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Texas – Present Day 

After chef Harper Dawn turned down a marriage proposal on a national reality show ala The Bachelor , she is a hunted woman. People can't understand why she would spurn the handsome and charming man who wanted her as his wife. Harper accepts her best friend Lily's offer of staying at her family's Hill Country cabin. There, Harper plans to lay low and work on the recipes she's planning on using for her proposed cookbook. But a frantic call from Lily informs her that Lily's brother, Cade Tremaine, is on his way to the cabin for an unplanned stay. The two concoct a plan. Harper has never met Cade, so she will pose as Dawn, a chef hired by his mother to cook his meals. The ruse works only too well as Cade buys the story. They're soon in a happy little arrangement. But an attraction is developing between “Dawn” and Cade.  

Cade's doctor ordered him to rest for a couple of weeks after he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Arriving at the cabin and finding Dawn already there—as his personal chef—only makes sense because she can cook the healthy meals that his doctor also ordered. Not only is Dawn beautiful and an excellent cook, but she's also a wonderful companion as they enjoy hikes and card games together. But the closeness ignites an attraction. Cade lost his fiancée after she died a couple of years ago, and he isn't sure that he's ready to move on with another woman.  

Harper is lying to Cade in CRAVING A REAL TEXAN and she doesn't like it. While she could tell him the truth, would he understand why she is hiding out in his family's cabin? There is a “wanted” notice out for her from the tabloids and she had even changed her hair color to avoid being spotted. She went on the reality show because she thought she was looking for love, but the bachelor turned out to not be her type—and he's also a jerk. Yet, he proposed to Harper and is now acting like he's the victim to the press. How long can Harper hide out? Will she eventually tell Cade the truth? Will their mutual attraction lead to the bedroom? 

Cade has thrown himself into work after his fiancée died. Unfortunately, it has led to some health concerns and his family set their foot down by demanding that he take two weeks off. At first, after Cade arrives at the cabin, he finds it hard not to call the office to get an update. But soon, he's more interested in what's in the cabin. Specifically, Dawn. How will he react to her deception? 

CRAVING A REAL TEXAN is a sizzling and intriguing romance that hits all the right spots. Grab a copy today. 

Patti Fischer