HEART OF A TEXAN – Charlene Sands
Heart of Stone, Book 2
Billionaires & Babies
Harlequin Desire #2605
ISBN: 978-1-335-97165-4
August 2018

Contemporary Series Romance

Stone Ridge Ranch, Texas – Present Day

Bella Reid happens to be driving by when she spots a twisted, mangled car with an injured man inside. After dragging him from the car before it explodes, she tends to his injuries until the medics arrive and waits for his family to arrive at the hospital. Turns out the man is billionaire rancher Jared Stone. He's grateful for being rescued and offers her a job as his live-in personal chef while he recovers. For Bella, who is on the run with her toddler girl, this job offers a way to hide out. But will her attraction to Jared cause a complication she doesn't need?

Jared is intrigued by Bella and her adorable little girl and jumps at the chance to get to know her better. He thrives on challenges, and Bella proves to be a big one as she resists him. But as they get to know one another, Bella begins to lower the barriers she's erected. How will Jared react when he learns that she is not being truthful with him, like in who she really is?

Bella comes from a well-known family and lived a privileged life. However, after she became a widow her father began to pressure her to marry a man she didn't love. He went so far as to threaten to go to court to get her declared an unfit mother if she didn't agree to the marriage. Rather than face her father in court, Bella ran with her daughter and ended up in Texas. Getting a job with Jared is a blessing as it allows her to work under the radar while she formulates her future plans. But getting involved with her boss complicates everything, especially since Jared makes it clear that he values honesty above everything.

Jared had once loved a woman and was on the verge of marrying her when he learned that she was dishonest. He has no clue that Bella isn't who she says she is, despite the fact that she doesn't talk much about her prior life. He's attracted to her beauty, intelligence…and her cooking. Readers of HEART OF A TEXAN know it's only a matter of time before Jared learns the truth about Bella…and wonder how he'll react. Will Bella tell him the truth before he finds out in another way? Will Bella continue to evade her father?

Jared is tempted by his rescuer and soon wants Bella to be more than just his personal chef. Their relationship starts out as a grateful friendship that turns into an affair. Will Jared and Bella find their way to a future together? Find out the answer in the intriguing and sizzling HEART OF A TEXAN.

Patti Fischer