Boone Brothers of Texas , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2684
ISBN: 978-1-335-60386-9
September 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Boone Springs, Texas – Present Day

Real estate agent April Adams isn't really looking forward to working with sexy cowboy Risk Boone, mainly because they had a torrid one-night stand two years ago that ended badly for her. But she has a potential property for him to look at a few miles out of town, so to ward off any potential flirting by Risk, she puts on an engagement ring. April isn't really engaged. It works well—at first—then April and Risk not only get stranded at the property when a fierce thunderstorm hits, but he also ends up with amnesia after a falling tree limb hits his head. Risk can't remember who he is, but when he spots April's engagement ring, he immediately assumes he is her fiancé. Uncertain at first how to react, April decides to not correct him…and soon they're acting like a couple in love. When Risk learns the truth, what will happen between them?

When April and Risk had their fling a couple of years ago, she was his rebound affair after he and his girlfriend broke up. Risk had a prolific rodeo career, which attracted ladies, but after he was hurt, his life started spiraling out of control. This led to their fling, but the morning after, April learned that she meant nothing to Risk. Boone Springs is a small town founded by his ancestors, which means he's around a lot now that he's retired from the rodeo and they are bound to run into one another. But work together on a deal? April is going to need something to keep Risk from hitting on her, or she'll find herself giving in to him.

Once April realizes Risk mistakes her for his fiancée, she vows to try and keep him from acting like her lover, but that soon proves hard to do in STRANDED AND SEDUCED. Heck, despite how she was hurt after their one-night stand, she'd do it again…and again. Their chemistry sizzles, and readers will wonder how he feels once he gets his memory back. Once they are rescued after the storm, what will happen? Will April come clean? Then Risk's ex-girlfriend, a famous actress, shows up in town. How will this affect our couple?

Charlene Sands pens an intriguing tale of a couple getting a second chance to explore their mutual feelings. Neither was in a good place two years ago when they had their one-night affair. Can they make it work now? Readers will sense that Risk won't like April not being truthful to him. Don't miss STRANDED AND SEDUCED to find out how it all works out.

Patti Fischer