Boone Brothers of Texas , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2708
ISBN: 978-1-335-20884-2
January 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Boone Springs, Texas – Present Day

Katie Rodgers has spent the weekend in Las Vegas hosting a bachelorette party for her best friend. After a night of too much drinking, Katie wakes up to find Luke Boone in her bed—the groom-to-be's brother—who also is Katie's nemesis. Luke and Katie have known one another a long time, but the source of their current friction is the fact that he was once engaged to Katie's sister, Shelly. He broke off the engagement just days from their wedding ceremony. Yet, because Boone Springs is a small town, it's not hard to run into each other, so they do come into contact. But why did Luke and Katie suddenly decide to get married? Can they undo the marriage without telling their family and friends about it?

Luke has always been attracted to Katie, but it was Shelly whom he asked to marry. But it didn't take long for him to realize his mistake and he broke it off. Because it was a painful breakup, knowing that he loved Katie and not Shelly, Luke took the easy way out and left town for four years, joining the military service. Now he's back, and he can't avoid the one woman he hasn't forgotten, Katie. Luke is aware that Katie's family is still not happy with him. Once he and Katie let their hair down in Vegas, things seemingly clicked between them, and in fact, escalated to the point that they ended up married. Of course, neither remembers the wedding night, but there is still that sensual chemistry humming between them. In VEGAS VOWS, TEXAS NIGHTS, they dance around each other, but soon can't help but fall into bed together. How long will it take before they realize they're meant for each other?

Katie has built her bakery into a profitable business. She is close to her sister and mother, so it's no doubt whose side she is on after Luke broke off his engagement to Shelly, who is still devastated by the breakup. Yet, she is very much aware of Luke whenever they are around each other; she just chose to ignore the attraction because it'd be a “betrayal” to Shelly if they started dating. Of course, now that they're married, it has gone beyond dating. But as Luke and Katie sort out how to “uncouple,” their attraction for each other grows stronger. Is there any chance that they can find a way to get together…forever?

VEGAS VOWS, TEXAS NIGHTS has plenty of interactions between Luke and Katie, with an added twist of humor as they try to keep their “fling” from being discovered by those around them. While part of the  Boone Brothers of Texas series and prior characters do show up, you can read this one without having read the others. An engaging and entertaining tale, don't miss VEGAS VOWS, TEXAS NIGHTS.

Patti Fischer