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MAKING A MARRIAGE DEAL – Sophia Singh Sasson
Nights at the Maha l, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #3A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45754-7
April 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Aboard a Cruise Ship & New York City – Present Day

Hema Dharav wants to enter a specialized medical residency program in New York City but the only way she can get funding from her parents is to agree to an arranged marriage to Vivek Bajaj. She barely knows her husband-to-be and the plan for them is to marry on a week-long cruise where several members of their families will be. As they talk and get to know each other better, Hema is well aware that Vivek was recently jilted by another woman at the altar. Is he still in love with her? Their plans are to have a platonic, in-name-only marriage, but it’s clear that there is a sizzling attraction between them. Before the week is over, Hema and Vivek are married—and enjoying the sexual side of their marriage. But once they return to New York City, reality sits in, especially when Hema sees Vivek look longingly at the woman he once loved. Can this marriage survive?

Hema and Vivek were supposed to get what they wanted in MAKING A MARRIAGE DEAL but falling in love was not part of the deal. Both come from traditional Indian families where arranged marriages are often done. Vivek had one arranged marriage but the bride dumped him at the altar and is now married to someone else. He let his family arrange a deal with Hema’s family to marry her. Her father won’t fund her medical residency program in New York City unless she marries Vivek. She figures that keeping their marriage platonic will be easy since she doesn’t love him. But that soon changes on the cruise ship. While he makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in love anymore, nothing is stopping him from seducing his bride. A marriage in name only quickly becomes one in which they make love. But love is still kept out of the marriage…

Hema keeps busy working but is obligated to attend social events with Vivek. It is during one of these that his ex-fiancée arrives with her spouse. His frozen body as he watches her tells Hema all she needs to know. Her husband is still in love with his ex. Devastated, she doesn’t know if she can remain in their marriage. Will she have to give up her dream to be a doctor? Would he even care if she walked away from their marriage deal? Can they not see that they’re falling in love with each other? The emotion is real in MAKING A MARRIAGE DEAL as both Hema and Vivek battle their feelings for each other. Will love win in the end? Find out the answer by picking up this tantalizing tale. 

Patti Fischer

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