Nights of the Mahal , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2753
ISBN: 978-1-335-20929-0
August 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas – Present Day

Architect Rani Gupta needs this big project from billionaire hotelier Arjun Singh to help her get a promotion at her job. Meeting him for the first time, she is stunned at the mutual attraction that springs up between them. However, after having one work romance end badly, she's not about to start an affair with her newest client. Yet, the more Rani and Arjun are around each other, the harder it becomes to deny the attraction.

Arjun is India's sexiest bachelor, but his parents are determined to marry him off to a business partner's daughter. Arjun and his intended don't really want to marry each other because their feelings are like that of siblings. But the rule of Indian families is that you follow your family's choice of who you marry. After Arjun meets Rani, he's intrigued by her—and wants to bed her. Can he have a temporary fling with her before he must settle down? Is there some way he can get out of his family's marriage arrangement?

Business soon turns to pleasure for Rani and Arjun in MARRIAGE BY ARRANGEMENT by Sophia Singh Sasson, her first book in the Nights of the Mahal series. Both Rani and Arjun have old-fashioned parents. She was raised in America and has modern-day views that clash with the culture of her Indian parents. She once did marry according to her parents' wishes, but quickly realized her marriage was a mistake when her husband began trying to control her. Rani's career is important to her and she decided to put that first and divorced her husband. Later, after dating a colleague, that relationship exploded after it was discovered by her employer. If they found out that Rani and Arjun are attracted to each other, there's no doubt that she would be removed—and maybe fired.

Arjun struggles with his attraction to Rani. She is unlike any woman he has been around. She is beautiful, smart, and not afraid to challenge him. As Arjun ponders his future and whether he can marry a woman he doesn't love, his pursuit of Rani starts. He finally gets her into his bed, but they both realize that they must keep their affair under wraps. Alas, their plans soon go awry, and Arjun must do damage control. Will they break off their affair, or will it be full steam ahead? What will Arjun finally decide when his mother makes it nearly impossible for him to ignore her wedding ceremony plans?

MARRIAGE BY ARRANGEMENT is an emotional tale that will tug at the heart of readers. Rani and Arjun grapple with living life in the present-day world while trying to please their cultural past. What will they decide when it becomes clear they are in love? Find out in the emotion-packed MARRIAGE BY ARRANGEMENT.

Patti Fischer