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Harlequin Desire #24B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45786-8
November 2023
LGBTQ+Series Romance

Hollywood, California – Present Day

Producer Mia Strome is trying to work her way up to a bigger entertainment project and takes on a job as the producer of a new streaming series. However, it means that she will have to work with Bollywood star Saira Sethi as its lead and give her some control over the project. Things are already rocky between Mia and Saira as they were lovers ten years ago while working on a project in Tahiti. Their romance ended badly after Saira wouldn’t agree to come out as lesbian and be Mia’s partner. Instead, Saira married her longtime friend, Rahul. Meeting again, the two are cordial, but sexual sparks still fly between them. Mia needs the job to gain more employment in Hollywood. Saira needs the job to earn money to continue to support her parents and sister. Will they be able to keep their hands off each other and not risk a scandal if the paparazzi learn they are lesbian and lovers?

Both Mia and Saira are feeling the pressure in the emotionally charged TEMPTED BY THE BOLLYWOOD STAR. Mia hasn’t had to hide her sexuality, but she must be careful who she hangs around and that means Saira. The show is too important to risk a scandal torpedoing the project. Saira married Rahul to hide her sexuality. Turns out he is gay and is hiding his own secret. Both Saira and Rahul are from India, where LGBTQ+ is still frowned upon and performers have been shunned if they are exposed. Saira hasn’t reached the status of a superstar yet, which means that she needs to be careful about someone finding out about her sexuality. But meeting Mia again has them soon finding themselves locked in a kiss. There is no denying they are attracted to each other. But how long can they keep it a secret?

As it soon turns out, the project is experiencing delays mainly due to Saira’s constant script changes, of which she has control over. It is Mia who bears the brunt from the head of the show. She can’t tell him that the real reason Saira is tired is because they are spending many nights together locked in each other’s arms. When Mia gets called out and told that she must reduce the budget, which will fail first: the project or her love for Saira? What will happen after the show is done…can they find a way to be together?

Readers will feel the emotion pouring off Mia and Saira in TEMPTED BY THE BOLLYWOOD STAR. They love each other and are living double lives. Can they come to terms with what they want and what they get? Find out how it all ends by grabbing a copy of this sizzling tale.

Patti Fischer

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