William Morrow Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-288369-8
October 16, 2018
A Holiday Romance

Boston and Holly Peak Inn

Do you have great memories of childhood Christmases? Haley Hanson doesn't. It's not that she doesn't love her parents, but they could never afford to celebrate as others did. So now that Haley is successful in her advertising career, she takes them to the Caribbean every year where they can enjoy life away from the distractions of Christmas. (She's known as something of a Grinch at work.) This season will be an important one. If she can land the Tyler Toys account, she can win a promotion. Before her boss can consider her for sure, he sends her off to a week at Christmas Camp in a mountain resort. He feels she needs to get in the spirit of the season to make a good presentation.

Haley resigns herself to get as much work done as she can, though Ben, the inn owner, and the other guests do not make it easy. Then there is Jeff, the owner's son, the biggest distraction she needs to fight. Another storyline winds around his wishes to get his father to retire, sell the inn and move to Boston to be near each other.

CHRISTMAS CAMP has a variety of well-done characters who have benefited from their time at the inn. Ben is a lovable man impossible not to like. He even reaches into Haley's heart . . . and will surely touch yours. I highly recommend this entertaining and uplifting novel.

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