William Morrow Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-288370-4
October 15, 2019
Contemporary Holiday Fiction

Seattle and Washington State

There is nothing that Emmie Sanders loves more than Christmas. Its memories keep her connected to the parents she lost to an accident some years ago. They were wonderful people who established a community center to help the less fortunate. Emmie continues to keep it up. She's especially devoted to help others with gifts of holiday decorations during the holiday. She plans to feed hundreds at a community Christmas dinner with donations of goods and volunteer help. She also can't resist decorating her own home and workplace with trees, wreaths, and lights.

Emmie wants to share her love of traditions with her boyfriend. They have agreed to take some days off their busy work schedules to celebrate the season. Grant is extra busy working to make partner in his law firm, so Emmie has planned a surprise scavenger hunt that will have him following clues from Seattle to Christmas Point, a small festive town in the mountains, where she will be waiting with planned fun and romantic activities.

Emmie falls in love with the town and the small inn where she will await Grant. She's delighted with Ruby, the innkeeper. A lot of cookies are made. There is one other guest at the inn whom Emmie met once in a Seattle shop when they both laid claim to a beautiful one of a kind wreath.

Sam is a mystery fiction writer who has been blocked for a while. He's hoping to get an inspiration soon. Emmie ends up befriending him while waiting for Grant to arrive.

FINDING CHRISTMAS is a delightful read full of the warmth of happy holidays. The characters are special; the descriptions of the decorations are moving. There are even cookie recipes and hints on the caring of Christmas trees at the end, as well as introductions to other of the author's works. In short, I can highly recommend you find FINDING CHRISTMAS.

Jane Bowers