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Texas Cattleman’s Club: Diamonds & Dating Apps, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #19A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45781-3
October 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Cattle rancher Lyle Drummond is widowed and has no plans to marry again. However, his younger sister Jessica created an account for him on the newest dating app k!smet and it has found a match for him. She shows him the picture of the woman he was matched with, and he feels a trickle of desire looking at the beautiful woman. But Lyle tells Jessica to delete his profile because he is not interested in dating. Meanwhile, Jessica is house-swapping with a woman she found on the app (it does matches other than dating) and the woman arrives. To Lyle’s surprise (or should he be?) it is the woman he matched with on the app. 

Skincare entrepreneur Giselle Saito isn’t sure why Lyle Drummond dislikes her. They’ve never met before and all she wants is to spend two weeks on a cattle ranch while she takes pictures for her Instagram account while trying to find a willing cowboy to model for her upcoming line of men’s products. But Lyle soon melts to her charms, and they start hanging out together. A sizzling kiss leads to an even hotter romp in bed. As their affair brings them closer, will Giselle consider moving to Royal? What they do not realize is that the woman Lyle saw on the k!smet app is Giselle’s identical twin sister.

It's a case of mistaken identity for Lyle and Giselle in BREAKING THE RANCHER’S RULES by Cat Shield. Lyle is still mourning the unexpected death of his wife and isn’t looking for wife number two. His sister worries about him and decides to fix him up with an online date. For most of this tale, neither Lyle nor Giselle realize that it was her sister Gabby who was matched for him. The tantalizing tidbit is whether Gabby is a better match than Giselle. At first, Lyle is grumpy with Giselle but soon warms up to her. She is a pleasant addition to his life, and he grows increasingly attracted to her. They spend time together and their lovemaking makes them perfect together. But what about that match with Gabby?

Giselle has always felt like the inferior twin when it comes to Gabby. She isn’t aware that Gabby had matched Lyle on k!smet, so readers wonder at what point Gabby and Lyle will come face to face, especially since Giselle doesn’t mention that she has a twin. But one thing that happens is Lyle agrees to try her men’s skincare line. Will he agree to be her model? As her time in Royal and on the ranch draws to a close, a decision will have to be made if Giselle will stay on longer. Jessica will want her house back. Will Giselle move in with Lyle? Can they make a future together?

An intriguingly fun tale of mistaken identity creates drama in BREAKING THE RANCHER’S RULES. Will it all work out for Lyle and Giselle?

Patti Fischer

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