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A Perfect 10
Las Vegas Nights , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2517
ISBN: 978-0-373-83844-8
May 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Mia Navarro and Nate Tucker spent months together on a music tour, she as an assistant to her pop singer sister, and he as the lead of a superstar band. Towards the end of the tour, they had a brief fling, but when Nate asked Mia to continue the affair once they were back in the U.S., she turned him down. Mia's sister, Ivy Bliss, is now about to go into the studio, which means Nate and Mia will run into each other. Are things going to heat up again?

Nate will be having throat surgery just before he starts producing Ivy's upcoming album, and it's Mia who steps in to take care of him as she is fluent in sign language. He is mystified by her intense loyalty to her sister, even to the point of her refusing to think of a future with him, or to have the info come out that she's the one who actually writes Ivy's songs. Mia is glued to Ivy, but Nate wants to break the hold. As the days together continue, there's no denying the red-hot chemistry is still there, and soon they're back making love. But what will happen after Ivy has a crisis, which forces Mia to choose sides? Or when Mia learns that she's pregnant with Nate's baby?

Once I started reading LITTLE SECRET, RED HOT SCANDAL, I was pulled into Nate and Mia's intriguing tale. We don't read about their prior fling on tour, but rather it's the aftermath and how much Nate wants it to continue, despite Mia's pushing him away. Nate is head of a superstar band and has developed a reputation as a top music producer, which is why Ivy is anxious to work with him. However, Ivy is a diva, one her family thinks can do no wrong, but it also includes harsh treatment of her twin, Mia. Think of Cinderella, and you get the gist of Ivy and Mia. Meanwhile, Nate wants Mia to walk away from her family, but she continues to resist doing so.

Mia has been “appointed” the guardian of Ivy, the one to keep her sister in line, as years ago, Ivy got in with a bad crowd and nearly died of a drug overdose. In LITTLE SECRET, RED HOT SCANDAL, Ivy once again teeters on the edge, which only solidifies Mia's conviction to stay close to her twin. Yet, even Mia can't deny she has intense feelings for Nate. Add in that Ivy thinks Nate is attracted to her (Ivy), it makes for one big complication.

LITTLE SECRET, RED HOT SCANDAL is part of the Las Vegas Nights series, but can easily be read as a standalone. I suspect the next tale in the series will be Melody and Kyle's, who are Nate's friends and coworkers in the music studio and appear in scenes in this book. Melody has a huge surprise for Kyle.

Nate and Mia's relationship is emotional and tense as they battle the responsibilities of fame and family. Cat Schield has penned a solid story that richly deserves an RRT Perfect 10 and I'd love to see more of Nate and Mia in the future.  If you're looking for a sensual and romantic tale that hits all the spots and will have you rooting for the characters, then grab a copy of LITTLE SECRET, RED HOT SCANDAL.

Patti Fischer
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