Sweet Tea and Scandal , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2645
ISBN: 978-1-335-60347-0
February 2019

Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

Zoe Alston formed a pact with two other women she barely knew after she met them at a party. Still reeling with from a painful divorce, it doesn't take much for Zoe to agree to their plan of revenge against the three men who wronged these women. Zoe's assignment is to hurt the campaign of Ryan Dailey's sister's political campaign. She's barely arrived at the headquarters to volunteer when she runs into Ryan himself. He's sexy, charming—and totally interested in Zoe. Is her assignment going to be easier than she thinks?

Ryan recently had a relationship with another woman end badly and he certainly isn't looking for another, but Zoe intrigues him. Of course, he is a little suspicious and has her checked out. Nothing seems out of the ordinary and soon they're going out to dinner and he's inviting her to live at one of his apartments (she has been living in the back of her business because she can't afford to rent one). She's quickly falling for him. Will Zoe go through with her plans? What happens when Ryan finds out what she's up to?

Readers soon learn in REVENGE WITH BENEFITS that Zoe has a change of heart, especially once she gets to know both Ryan and his sister, Susannah. The mastermind of the revenge plot is Everly, who turns out to be a not very nice person. After Zoe tries to back out, Everly threatens her. Should she confess to Ryan? The original reason for Zoe's revenge was to get the financial details on her ex, who had claimed “poverty” during their divorce proceedings. Zoe needs the evidence to prove he was hiding money. Will she get it?

Turns out it was Everly's sister who had conned Ryan and left him leery of getting involved with women—until he met Zoe. Slowly, he begins to trust Zoe and he's ready to take their relationship to the next level—except she continues to resist. She is eaten with guilt and wants to confess, but Everly's threats play a big part in her deciding not to…until it's too late. Much of REVENGE WITH BENEFITS revolves around Zoe's agonizing decisions and how it seems she makes the wrong ones. Will it all work out and they find a happily-ever-after together?

REVENGE WITH BENEFITS is the final book in the  Sweet Tea and Scandal  series and can easily be read as a standalone, though the stories are interconnected. Zoe is really a sweet person who ended up being wronged. Now she has found her Mr. Right. Curl up with REVENGE WITH BENEFITS and be prepared to start rooting for Zoe as she finds her white knight in shining armor.

Patti Fischer