Sweet Tea and Scandal , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2805
ISBN: 978-1-335-23290-8
June 2021

Contemporary Series Romance


Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

Sienna Burns agrees to accompany her adopted sister, Teagan, to Charleston so that the other woman can meet her recently discovered blood relatives, the Watts family. She is used to being the “ugly sister” because Teagan is beautiful and spontaneous, something Sienna isn't. Teagan has already told Sienna that she wants to become CEO of the Watts company and makes no bones about wanting help from Sienna to achieve her goal. Meeting Teagan's relatives, including their son, Ethan, who is the company CEO, Sienna realizes that she doesn't really want to help her sister.

Shortly before Teagan arrived, Ethan received a mysterious email message from someone who claims that she plans to usurp him as the company CEO, and he better watch his back. This angers him because his newly discovered cousin doesn't even work for the company. He decides to fight back by getting close to Sienna in hopes of finding out Teagan's plans. It helps that he already finds Sienna attractive—and it's mutual. Ethan embarks on a plan of seduction and hopes that pillow talk between him and Sienna will reveal Teagan's intentions.

A planned seduction leads to more than Ethan bargains for in SEDUCTION, SOUTHERN STYLE. Why is someone sending mysterious messages to him? Why is Teagan determined to run the company of a family she barely knows? As for Sienna, she'd rather be doing her job as an art consultant but is loyal to her adopted sister. After Ethan proves gentlemanly by escorting her around town and taking her to dinner, their attraction intensifies. He is adopted too and, inspired by Teagan's search for her birth mother, submits his own DNA to see if there is a match. There is, and he will need to go to Savannah to meet his birth mother. He invites Sienna along and she accepts. Both know that they will be sharing a bed while there…

Ethan is unlike any man Sienna has ever met before. He's charming and attentive toward her, so it's understandable that she easily falls under his spell…and into his arms. Meanwhile, she tries to get Teagan to back off on her plans, even as Ethan reveals his secrets. Will Sienna inadvertently spill them to Teagan, who will use them as ammunition in her plot? Once her time in Charleston is over, will Sienna and Ethan walk away from each other?

A beautiful and sensuous tale of a couple falling in love even as there are secrets swirling around them. Don't miss Ethan and Sienna's romance in SEDUCTION, SOUTHERN STYLE.

Patti Fischer