Sweet Tea and Scandal , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2694
ISBN: 978-1-335-60396-8
October 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

Tycoon Paul Watts' grandfather is in the hospital gravely ill. One day, Paul walks into the hospital room and discovers a strange woman dancing beside his grandfather's bed. Turns out Paul's brother, Ethan, hired the woman, Lia Marsh, to entertain him. Paul is not amused, ready to kick her out. Suddenly, their grandfather points to Lia and croaks out the name of their long-lost cousin. Paul and Ethan know Lia isn't really their cousin, but her presence has their grandfather getting better. Ethan concocts a scheme to have Lia pretend to be the missing cousin. Will Paul go along with the ruse until his grandfather is better?

Lia leads a vagabond lifestyle and has only been in Charleston longer than she expected due to being without a truck to haul her trailer. Lia is like a gypsy, always on the road and proficient in the art of reading tarot cards. After Ethan and Paul offer her money to pretend to be their cousin, she reluctantly accepts despite the fact that she hates lying. Of course, now that she's pretending to be Paul's cousin, it throws her into contact with him. An attraction develops between them. Should they act upon it, knowing she will soon be on the road again?

Paul is a by the book type of person and lying to his grandfather has him uncomfortable. However, Lia's presence is having a remarkable effect, plus he enjoys her company too. Lia is mysterious and only talks about being the daughter of a single mother. Why has she chosen to live “off the grid” and forsaken settling down? While a fling might work for them, they certainly can't plan anything like a future together. Yet, despite his attraction for her, Paul doesn't quite trust Lia, and intends to keep a close eye on her. Yes, he agreed with Ethan to allow the ruse, but that doesn't mean he's all in.

Lia soon settles in at the Watts estate. She likes Paul's twin sisters and parents. However, she can't avoid Paul and they are soon kissing. Then, he asks her to be his “date” to a wedding and she agrees, with Paul's sisters providing the transformation of Lia the tarot card reader to Lia the stunningly beautiful woman. Can Lia fit into Charleston society? Will love bloom between Lia and Paul?

SEDUCTIVE SECRETS is an emotional tale of secrets and lies, and one that will have readers soon rooting for Lia and Paul to find a happily-ever-after. Can they make it work? Find out in this scintillating story.

Patti Fischer