Las Vegas Nights , Book 6
Harlequin Desire #2541
ISBN: 978-0-373-83868-4
September 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada Present Day

Singer Melody Caldwell and wealthy entrepreneur Kyle Tailor dated for months, even breaking it off briefly when she started dating another man, but their relationship is about to take an unexpected turn. Melody is pregnant with Kyle's baby and she doesn't know how he will react. It's not like Kyle has told her that he loves her.  But Melody decides to tell him, and after the initial shock, Kyle insists that they get married. However, with their rocky relationship history, she doesn't want to enter into matrimony with a man who can't love her. They decide to try and work on their relationship by taking it one step at a time.

Kyle grew up with an unemotional father and Kyle learned to hold in his true feelings. Being with Melody feels right, but with her past history of dating another man, Hunter, he's leery of letting her into his heart and then have her break it. However, Kyle will do anything for his child, and that means putting a ring on Melody's finger. After she receives some mysterious gifts, it appears she has a stalker, and Kyle goes into high alert. But instead of the situation bringing them closer, it only has her resisting his help because she senses he doesn't trust her.

Melody and Kyle are involved with Ugly Trout Records, the company founded by her brother, Trent, who is also Kyle's best friend. For nine months Melody and Kyle dated, only to break up when she was photographed by the paparazzi with Hunter. Kyle has trust issues a result of his father's treatment while growing up. They've managed to make it back to a truce of sorts, but the lack of trust still simmers between them. Getting pregnant wasn't in the plans, but Melody will keep the baby, even if she has to raise it as a single mom. But Kyle is determined that they get married, if only for the child's sake.

Mysterious gifts soon start showing up for Melody. After she learns that they didn't come from Kyle or Trent or even Hunter, she wonders if she has a secret admirer. It unnerves her a little because whoever it is has gotten pretty close to her, such as leaving a baby gift basket on her doorstep inside a gated community. This stalker side story is finally resolved in THE HEIR AFFAIR, and it finally leads to a climactic and satisfying happily-ever-after for Kyle and Melody.

THE HEIR AFFAIR is part of the Las Vegas Nights series by Cat Schield, but it can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty. We do see from time to time Trent (his story with Savannah is in THE BLACK SHEEP'S SECRET CHILD) and Nate, one of the singers at the music label (his story with Mia is told in LITTLE SECRET, RED HOT SCANDAL).

Melody and Kyle have a rocky road on their way to finding love, but it brings them closer. Grab a comfy place and sit down for a while to enjoy THE HEIR AFFAIR

Patti Fischer