Billionaires & Babies  series
Harlequin Desire #2583
ISBN: 978-1-335-97143-2
April 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Charleston, South Carolina – Present Day

Millionaire baseball player Linc Thurston values his live-in housekeeper, Claire Robbins, and knows getting involved with her could lead to complications. His mother expects him to marry well and that doesn't include his housekeeper! Still, there's an attraction neither has anticipated nor expected. As Claire's cooking expertise is expanded to include outside ventures, Linc begins to experience jealousy…and a growing need to have her in his bed. But while they are friends—and soon lovers—there's still a sense that she's hiding something.

Claire enjoys working for Linc as he provides a sense of security for her and her little girl, Honey, and a way to hide in plain sight. For the past year, she has dutifully cleaned and cooked for Linc while trying to ignore the growing attraction she's developed for him. When he makes overtures, she tries to resist, but soon can't deny the desire…or the passion that explodes. But is Claire going to expose herself to scrutiny by getting involved with Linc? How is his mother going to react when she learns that her son is bedding the hired help?

UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS BABY is the modern day take on upper class/lower class romances of lore as Linc and Claire battle the attraction they feel for each other. Linc's mother expects him to marry someone of the Charleston society set. Yes, his mother is a snob, but she means well, though he claims he couldn't care less. Claire has worked for Linc a year now and he goes all out in celebrating the “anniversary.” But she's mindful of keeping a low profile as Honey's grandparents are looking for them and had vowed to take her to court for guardianship. Claire cannot lose her child, which is why she fled clear across the country.

Meanwhile, Claire must plan and prepare the dishes for a couple of parties where Linc is the main course for the marriage-minded ladies courtesy of his mother. To say Claire is jealous is an understatement, though she tries to hide it. Linc is bored with the steady stream of “eligible” women and only has eyes for one: Claire. He not only cares for her, but also for Honey. They make a perfect family. But how will Linc react when he learns Claire has been lying to him about a few things?

UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS BABY is a cute romance that I enjoyed. Claire and Linc are likable people and Honey is adorable. There are several people in this tale that I wonder if they'll be getting their own stories: Linc's best friends and his sister. If you love a Cinderella-like tale that ends in a happily-ever-after, then I highly recommend picking up UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS BABY.

Patti Fischer