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END OF STORY – Kylie Scott
Graydon House
ISBN: 978-1-525-80479-3
February 14, 2023
Contemporary Fiction 

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Susie Bowen inherits a fixer-upper from her late beloved aunt and moves into it with the plan to get it repaired. The timing of the inheritance comes at the right moment as Susie has been dumped by her ex-boyfriend, Aaron. Susie hires a home construction company and when she opens the door the first day they are to be there, the man who greets her is her ex’s best friend, Lars. She begins to wonder if she hired the wrong company, especially since Lars witnessed the public breakup between her and Aaron. But Lars insists that they can still work together.

While tearing out some walls, a curious piece of paper is revealed. It’s a divorce decree showing that Susie and Lars are divorced—and it’s dated ten years in the future. Both accuse the other of “planting” it but the more intriguing question would be why. Lars and Susie have never shown the slightest interest in each other. Of course, the mere presence of the document is unsettling, and they agree to see if they find out who put it there. This means that Susie and Lars will now be spending time together…

Readers might wonder if END OF STORY is a fantasy or a romance, but to be honest, it is a bit of both. A divorce decree dated ten years out doesn’t magically appear out of nowhere. Susie and Lars are confused and concerned about it, enough that they pay visits to psychics and the like to find out if there can be some light shed on where it came from. She is determined to find out the answers. Meanwhile, the work on the house gets done, but Lars is still around. Their relationship is that of good friends once they got past the awkwardness. Heck, they even share each other’s meals in a restaurant. Readers sense that it won’t be long before Susie and Lars are hitting the sheets.

In END OF STORY, there is plenty of fun banter between Lars and Susie, but she is the center of this tale. Her best friend Cleo is there to provide a shoulder to lean on. But soon, Cleo is finding love herself…with Lars’ brother, Tore. Susie isn’t sure whether getting involved with Lars is a good thing, especially since he is still friends with Aaron. Will he have to choose where his loyalties lie? Neither is looking for love or anything long-term, yet they are perfect together, and the sex is even better. Meanwhile, Susie is also dealing with the dynamics of her family. She is seen as the lesser one of the two siblings. Her brother feels like he should have gotten half of the house, or at least the money part. Yet, there was only one person who stood by and visited their aunt: Susie.

Will Susie and Lars figure out where the divorce decree came from by the final pages of END OF STORY? I will say there was a bit of a twist that even I didn’t see coming. If you love an intriguing read with two likable and dynamic characters, then don’t miss picking this up.

Patti Fischer

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