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WE COULD BE SO GOOD- Cat Sebastian
Avon and Harper Voyage
ISBN: 978-0-06-327276-7
June 6, 2023
Historical Romance

New York City- 1958 and 1959

Nick Russo hates Andy Fleming. He can’t stand how Andy blushes at the slightest things and chews his fingernails but what he really can’t stand is how he is going to inherit The Chronicle, the newspaper where Nick works. This hate Nick has for Andy lasts for a few weeks before they become friends; best friends actually.

Nick has a secret. He is queer and he is deathly afraid that he would be found out. He keeps his distance from his family because of it and deflects questions about why he does not have a girlfriend. When Andy gets engaged, Nick is happy for him and can only hope that he still has a place in his life after he is married. When his engagement falls through, Andy winds up staying with Nick.

Set in the late 1950’s, WE COULD BE SO GOOD is set before the Stonewall riots when queer people were in hiding and scared that they would be arrested and vilified in court and in public opinion. Nick does not so much as come out as anger instead of fear starts to drive him.

I was born after the 1950’s, but I think the details in WE COULD BE SO GOOD is spot on from the language to the descriptions of the subway station in New York at the time. Andy is endearing and when he figures out that he is queer too, it is inevitable that he and Nick get together.

What is so great about WE COULD BE SO GOOD is the story is about two good people who fall in love with each other and you, the reader, fall in love with them too. The writing is stellar, the characters are divine, and the setting is wonderful. This is an incredible book, and I can’t recommend it enough. Run out and get a copy of WE COULD BE SO GOOD today.

Avis Yarbrough

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