Heartbreaker Bay , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-244807-1
February 2017
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California - Present Day

Nobody drives Elle Wheaton crazier than Archer Hunt.  She has spent the past year doing her best to avoid being alone with him, and considering she manages the building that houses his business and they hang out with the same group of friends, it hasn't been easy.  Hard as it is for Elle to admit it, she has a thing for Archer, but she's come to understand that nothing will ever happen between them.  Archer still sees her as the sixteen-year-old grifter whose life he saved at the cost of his law enforcement career.

For Archer Hunt, it's become increasingly difficult to ignore the feelings for Elle he has battled for more than a decade.  While she is no longer too young for him, she's still grateful he saved her life, and Archer doesn't want gratitude to play any part in a relationship between them.  However, when Elle starts dating some very eligible men, Archer decides that maybe it's time to let her know exactly how he feels.

During the first two books of the   Heartbreaker Bay   series, readers have had the chance to watch Elle and Archer spar with one another, and in ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, we learn of the past between them.  The first time they met, Archer was twenty-two and an undercover rookie cop, who made the decision to protect the innocent, sixteen-year-old Elle who was caught in the middle of a bust.  Though he felt protective of the young girl, he was also impressed by her and attracted.  There wasn't much he could do about it then, and when she came back into his life a year ago, he didn't feel as if he should act on that attraction yet.  Now however, all bets are off.  Elle has worked very hard to put her past behind her, and is working towards an accounting degree while managing her friend Spence's building.  She had decided that Archer is part of the past that she has to leave behind when suddenly he starts showing an interest in her, leaving her confused as well as hot and bothered.

With occasional visits from the couples from the earlier books, ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE continues the adventures and romances of a group of friends who all have businesses or work in the same building.  The relationship between Elle and Archer has been building since the beginning, and it finally explodes in this entertaining tale.

Jennifer Bishop