Heartbreakers Bay , Book 4
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-244808-8
September 2017
Contemporary Romance

San Francisco, California - Present Day

Colbie Albright is the glue that holds her world together, but between her co-dependent family and her demanding agent and publisher, the best-selling author feels as if she's coming undone.  Battling writer's block, Colbie decides to run away for a few weeks, hoping that a change of scenery will kick-start her muse.  On a whim, she chooses San Francisco.

Multi-millionaire tech genius Spencer Baldwin is trying to finish an important project while doing his best to hide from the media circus his life has become.  As a favor to an old friend, Spence gave an interview to a writer, but that friend betrayed him by telling/embellishing Spence's life story.  Not only is the media hounding him for more, he's been nominated to San Francisco's top ten eligible bachelors list, and he has women phoning and texting him proposals of all kinds.  Spence has learned the hard way that he can't balance work and a relationship, so he's avoided relationships.  But when he is responsible for a beautiful stranger accidentally falling into the fountain in his courtyard, Spence knows he can't just let this woman disappear.

One of the things Colbie has on her list of things to enjoy in San Francisco is a hot affair with a sexy man, but she hadn't really planned to follow through on that.  Meeting Spence has her reconsidering that however.  She only has three weeks until she has to get back to her real life, so that should be enough time to have a little fun without the risk that things might get too serious.  Right?

The fourth book in the Heartbreakers Bay series, CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE brings together two kindred souls.  Spence believes he can only do one thing well, either business or pleasure, and his last relationship seems to have proven what he's believed forever.  He's currently struggling with a project, and the last thing he needs is a distraction, but when he meets Colbie, he just can't help himself.  After Colbie's father walked out, she gradually took on the role of family caretaker, and now her twenty-three year old twin brothers can barely take care of themselves, and her mom depends on Colbie for everything.  The success of her books was a surprise, and with the public appearances her agent is pushing for, Colbie begins to feel overwhelmed, leading up to a bout of writer's block.  With the need to escape from the chaos of her world, she runs to San Francisco, and meets someone who understands her.  The fact that Colbie's vacation has an end date is irresistible to both Spence and Colbie, but it's not long before they are both wanting more.

The Heartbreakers Bay series focuses on a group of friends who've become family, all living or working in the same building.  Each book has focused on a different member of this close-knit group, so each can be read as a stand-alone.  Like the books that came before it, CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE is a heart-warming blend of family, friends and romance, and is the perfect way to get yourself into the holiday spirit.

Jennifer Bishop