NOBODY BUT YOU – Jill Shalvis
A Perfect 10
A Cedar Ridge Novel , Book 3
Grand Central
ISBN 978-1455586806
April 2016
Contemporary Romance

Cedar Ridge Lake, Colorado – Present Day

Sophie Marren is homeless and without a steady job, thanks to her insufferable ex-husband who stripped her of everything—except she has his boat. She didn't even want the boat, but after her ex's actions and the judge asking her to take something, she decided to go for the one thing her ex loved—his boat. Sophie is now living on the boat and, unable to afford moorage fees and trying to hide from her ex who wants it back, she moors wherever she can, even if it's some place illegal. Sophie hates the boat, especially since she has been seasick after days of bad storms, and to her embarrassment, throws up at the feet of Lake Patrolman Jacob Kincaid after he confronts her over the illegal mooring. He's thankfully amused, but orders her to stop mooring at private docks, which Sophie agrees to, knowing she won't follow his orders.

Jacob isn't really a lake patrolman, but rather an Army Special Officer home on leave to visit his family after being injured, though he hasn't yet made contact with them. When he was eighteen, Jacob had a big fight with his twin brother, Hudson, and he walked out to join the military. To his family's knowledge, he hasn't been back since, but the truth is that he came to town a few times to see his dementia afflicted mother and keeps in touch with her. To the rest of the family Jacob is the black sheep. He's staying at a cabin on the lake, which is where he ran into Sophie. She intrigues him as much as she aggravates him. She has a smart mouth she isn't afraid to use, and wherever he goes, he seems to run into her. He suspects she's hiding from somebody, and soon he learns it's her ex. But as much as Jacob finds Sophie attractive, he's not planning to stick around long enough to truly enjoy a pleasant fling with her.

Jill Shalvis brings readers another enjoyable tale in her Cedar Ridge series with NOBODY BUT YOU. Sophie is literally starting over again after her marriage to Lucas ended and he began making her life miserable. Keeping a low profile while living on a boat is hard to do, but Sophie has managed to do that…until she has a run in with Jacob. She's giving up on men but he makes her girl parts quiver, even as she tries to battle him over her boat mooring issues. Just about every time they see each other there's a run in and she can't help but vocalize her opinion of him. But yet, there's this zing of desire between them, and despite her plan to avoid men and his to avoid getting involved, the two are soon locking lips. How will Sophie feel when she learns Jacob is not the lake patrolman?

Meanwhile, Jacob has to reconcile with his family, whether he wants to or not. There are tense moments between them, especially with his twin, Hud. The resort the family owns is teetering on the brink of insolvency and they're working hard to figure out a way to avoid that. As the tension melts and the family is once again reunited, Jacob has to make plans to leave again. But this time, he wonders if he can leave…because he's got Sophie on his mind. Will he decide to make Cedar Ridge his permanent home? Will Sophie get back on her feet?

NOBODY BUT YOU is a funny, cute and highly entertaining tale. Right from the start the interactions between Sophie and Jacob had me smiling and it continued throughout as I read the book. I rarely give a Perfect 10, but NOBODY BUT YOU deserves it. Sophie is down on her luck but hasn't given up. Jacob might come across to people as an unemotional man, but deep down he cares for his mother and the people he's known. Each has to work out the issues that have tortured them lately, but together they make an endearing couple. If you love hot, sexy, and funny romances, then NOBODY BUT YOU is the one book you must pick up and read.

Patti Fischer