ONE SNOWY NIGHT - Jill Shalvis
Heartbreaker Bay, Book 2.5
ISBN: 978-0-0246357-9
November 2016
Contemporary Romance Novella

San Francisco to Lake Tahoe - Christmas Eve

Rory Andrews is determined to make it home for Christmas.  She ran away from home at seventeen, but has gotten her life together since then, and wants to show her family she's changed.  However, she didn't realize she'd be facing more of her past than just her family along the way.  She had always been invisible to Max Stranton in high school, yet since he's started working in the building where she works, she's had many encounters with him and his dog Carl.  She still finds him as attractive as she did in high school, and Rory can tell that he's attracted to her as well.  Unfortunately, he doesn't seem happy about that fact, so Rory is in for possible the most uncomfortable four hour car ride of her life.

However, ONE SNOWY NIGHT will change things for both Rory and Max.  Rory hasn't had it easy, and has some definite trust issues, but has a pretty good life.  Max starts off holding a grudge against Rory, but he's also drawn to her.  The more he learns about her, the more confused he is about their shared past, and he can't help but wonder if there's more to her than what he's always assumed.  The chemistry between them has sizzled since Max started working in the same building as Rory does, and because of the connection between their employers they've seen quite a bit of each other.  An uncomfortable road trip worsens as the weather does, but it also gives Rory and Max a chance to realize they share much more than attraction in this engaging Christmas novella.

Jennifer Bishop