A Wildstone Novella
ISBN: 978-0062463616
May 2018
Contemporary Romance

Wildstone, California – Present Day

Ten years ago, Tilly Adams and Dylan Scott were more than just teenage best friends, but they soon drifted apart. Dylan joined the military before coming home years later after an injury and joining with two other friends to run a flying business. Tilly went on to college and is starting her first day of teaching at the local college while she pursues her passion as an artist. Dylan shows up in her class and she is stunned to see him again. She isn't sure how to process him being back.

Dylan decided to take Tilly's class because he wanted to see her again though he isn't sure how she'll react. He knows she's hurt after the way they parted and he's okay if she is still mad at him. But the sparks both thought were gone are still there. As Tilly deals with her mixed emotions in seeing Dylan, she soon realizes they have a lot of unfinished business between them.

Readers who read LOST AND FOUND SISTERS will recognize Tilly and Dylan. Back then they were tormented teenagers who were drawn to one another as they tried to deal with the hand life dealt them. But a lot has happened since there. Sassy Tilly is still there, but it's now tempered with uncertainty. Dylan is no longer the abused boy who worked his fingers to the bone trying to keep his abusive father happy. Nor is Tilly the girl who lost her mother and found herself with a sister she didn't know she had. In THE GOOD LUCK SISTER, Tilly still lives in Wildstone and her sister (the heroine of LOST AND FOUND SISTER) is married with a family…and the sisters are now close.

THE GOOD LUCK SISTER is short and sweet, but there is enough sassiness to keep readers entertained. Dylan thinks he's not good enough for Tilly, while she wonders if he ever truly cared for her. After some missteps, they finally realize that the simmering teenage love they once felt for each other never died. Will it lead to a happily-ever-after by the end of THE GOOD LUCK SISTER? An enjoyable romance that will leave you smiling, be sure to pick up a copy today.

Patti Fisher