The Singh Family Trilogy , Book 1
Avon Impulse
ISBN (Digital): 978-0-06-285417-9
ISBN (Print): 978-0-06-285437-7
April 2019
Contemporary Romance

New York City – Present Day

Hemdeep Singh walked away from his family's business empire when he disagreed with his father's decision to go public. After his father has a heart attack, Hem is on the first plane back to the United States to help guide the company through a crisis as another company is attempting to buy them out.  Hem plans to return to his startup business once the crisis is over. But things prove to be even worse than he thought because their company is not only facing a takeover bid, they're mysteriously losing money. In the board of director's meeting, he encounters one of the attorneys helping them out, Mina Kohli. To say that Hem is attracted to Mina is an understatement. Will he let her distract him?

Mina is trying to regain control of the law firm her late mother founded and which is currently headed by her uncles. Her one uncle is pressuring her to enter into a marriage arranged by him but agrees to back off if she recommends to the Singh family that they agree to merge with the company they're battling. Mina feels caught between loyalty to the law firm and what is right. Then there is Hem…he is handsome and charming, and makes it clear he wants her in his bed. Will she let him distract her?

Nisha Sharma deftly combines big city business intrigue with culturally authentic Indian-American (Sikh and Punjabi) family traditions. THE TAKEOVER EFFECT is the first tale in  The Singh Family Trilogy  about the three Singh brothers, all of whom are strong, decisive, and unique from each other. Hem is the oldest and the one who has battled his father over the decision to take the company public. Hem would rather see it remain within the family, but his father wanted to expand and explore new opportunities. Now, it's in trouble and it's Hem to the rescue. One of the first things he does is have Mina move into an office at the company. Of course, he says it is to help facilitate company business, but deep down it's a move to help him get to know her better.

Mina feels like a fraud. She's supposed to be helping the Singh family but is being blackmailed by her uncle. If she tells Hem the truth, she loses any chance of ever gaining control of the law firm. Mina knows there is more to her uncle's request than he's telling, so she decides to see if she can find out what he's really after. Soon, it's apparent there is a mole. The deeper she investigates, the closer she gets to Hem. He's attractive and sensual. No way will Mina be unable to resist him.

THE TAKEOVER EFFECT is an entertaining read that will pull in readers with its intriguing combination of family and business drama. Mina and Hem have to save the company first, but still allow time for some recreational nookie outside the office. It isn't going to be easy to find a path to a happily-ever-after to bring them together both personally and professionally. Don't miss THE TAKEOVER EFFECT.

Patti Fischer