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GRAYSON’S VOW – Mia Sheridan
Bloom Books
ISBN: 978-1-7282-8508-5
July 4, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Napa, California – Present Day

Kira Dallaire desperately needs a husband. Not that she wants to be married, but in order to gain access to her million-dollar trust fund, she must marry. At the moment, Kira is homeless and down to her last few hundred dollars. She could return to her father’s home, but he would force her to marry a man she cannot trust and despises. While at the bank getting the last of her money out of it, she spots a man whom she recognizes. He is former prison convict Grayson Hawthorn, a man her influential father put the screws in to force him into a more harsher prison sentence. It appears that Grayson is attempting to get a loan for the winery he owns, but the bank has just turned him down. Kira’s wheels turn inside her head. She needs a husband, and he needs money. Why not forge an alliance and marry?

The last thing Grayson ever expected was a strange woman coming up to him and asking him to marry her in exchange for half a million dollars. But that is what happens in GRAYSON’S VOW by Mia Sheridan. He spent five years in prison for a crime he did commit—though he was trying to protect a woman in the process and she could never be found to corroborate his story. While Grayson was in prison, his hateful father died. While his stepmother and half-brother received cash from the estate, Grayson was left the family winery—with no cash and the winery in shambles. He needs money to get it going again. After the bank turns him down, Kira shows up on his doorstep and makes him an offer he should refuse—but he can’t. They settle on the terms and marry in a civil service ceremony. 

Kira envisions Grayson as being like a dragon. He certainly has the personality of one. He roars and breathes fire but deep down, she can see the pain he has gone through. Their marriage is in name only; however, they soon are getting to know each other, and the beginning of an attraction soon blooms. Kira doesn’t tell Grayson about how awful her father has been to her and how he was forcing her to marry a man she no longer loved. As for Grayson, he has his own deep dark secret. He went into prison loving a woman who then married his half-brother. Meanwhile, Grayson gets the winery going again in earnest with the money from Kira’s trust fund. And she begins to feel safe from the wrath of her father. Or can she?

The chemistry between Kira and Grayson is slow to develop. After all, they don’t know each other, and he makes it hard to get close to him. In fact, Kira is literally staying in a rundown cottage with no hot water while he lives in the main house. He goaded her into it, but once he realizes how resilient she is, he tries to get her to move into the house. Nope. She wants to maintain her independence. But Kira and Grayson must appear married to the outside world and things get dicey when his half-brother and wife show up for a visit. Will staying in the same bedroom change how they feel about each other? Kira and Grayson go through a lot before they can find their way to each other. It will be painful, but it is their growing arc that finally brings them together in GRAYSON’S VOW.

A wonderful and emotional tale of two wounded souls coming together, don’t miss GRAYSON’S VOW.

Patti Fischer

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