Uptown Girls
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-290683-0
January 2020
Historical Fiction

New York City - 1891

Clayton Madden is a man not many others want to cross. He owns the most prestigious casino in the city, he tolerates no abuse from the rich and powerful, and he despises prominent businessman Duncan Greene. Imagine Clay's surprise then when one of Greene's daughters seems to be bribing her way into his casino and doing some impressive winning at the tables. After he confronts her, however, he learns of her plot to meet him, and is stunned by her revelation.

Despite being the daughter of a rich and powerful man who expects his daughters to wed well, Florence Greene has a different idea. Florence is a very skilled gambler, but because the city's casinos do not cater to women, she would like to open her own establishment just for them. And what better way to learn but from the man who runs the most successful casino in New York City? But Clay makes it very clear that has no use for Florence's father, and that he's only going to mentor her to get back at Duncan Greene. 

Clay is surprised at how quickly Florence absorbs all he teaches her. He is also discovering that he is much too attracted to her, and that could prove dangerous in the long run. Florence is much too wrapped up in learning the ropes and is surprised when she realizes that not only is Clay interested in her, but she's also grown to rely on him, and he is quite attractive. She does, however, take a few chances in her need to grasp as much knowledge of this business as she can, and she puts more than herself in danger. Just how far will Clay go to protect her?

THE PRINCE OF BROADWAY is one of the Uptown Girls books, following THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE, in which Florence's sister, Mamie, is featured. Clay and Florence spar initially, but both soon learn to respect one another. The glitz and glamour of New York City is well portrayed, as is the dark underground life. For an enjoyable read, I recommend THE PRINCE OF BROADWAY. 

Jani Brooks